The Experiment Is Over. It Failed Miserably!

Posted November 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

For many Americans Hope and Change have become WTF?

Three KEY events tell the tale of a narcissistic wannabe agenda-driven pretender – unable to actually do the job. 

Maersk Alabama Hijacking 8-12 April 2009:  Obama’s first ‘crisis’ – micro-managed from the White House, this should have been left in the hands of the on-scene commander.  But of course Obama took personal credit for ordering the SEALs to shoot the four Somali pirates and rescuing Captain Phillips.

Killing bin Laden 2 May 2011:  The raid on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan had been ‘postponed’ several times by Obama and his shadow president – Valerie Jarrettfor fear it might go badly and make him look like Jimmy Carter.

Finally, after CIA and Defense staffers threatened to ‘go public’ – the raid was OKed by SecDef Panetta and SecState Clinton – without Obama’s knowledge.  Obama was brought in at the last minute off the golf course for the photo-op – as can clearly be seen in the photo. 

Once successful [except for a crashed helicopter] – he proudly strode to the microphone and claimed full and total credit for everything. Then he and his idiot VP Biden began leaking tons of highly classified secrets about the raid.

Those leaked secrets may have done more HARM to our war on terror than the good of killing bin Laden accomplished.

Benghazi Massacre 11 September 2012:  TOTAL and CATASTROPHIC pResidential failure!  

Obama was using the Benghazi Consulate as cover for his CIA mission of rounding up any and all Gaddafi arms, and smuggling them through Turkey to ‘freedom fighters‘ in Syria.

Problem ONE:  He had [still hasn’t] no clue about which guys are ‘good’ and which guys are al Qaeda, – or worse.  In time we’ll have proof he was arming our worst enemies – the Iranian-backed Twelvers.

Problem TWO:  To keep the Benghazi end of the smuggling operation low-key – he had deliberately understaffed the security team.  There was no Marine detachment, and now it seems no standing rescue plan.

Problem THREE:  Ambassador Stevens appears to have been gay – and ~ maybe ~ quasi-openly.  To expose a gay man in the midst of a fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood ‘Arab Spring’ was akin to signing his death warrant.

Problem FOUR:  In an abundance of stupidity, SecState Clinton chose to hire Libyan locals [ Islamic fundamentalists ] as the security force. 

Problem FIVE:  When the attack began – predictably on Sept 11th [9th month – 11th year after initial attack] both the State Department and the White House were slow to recognize what was happening – and slow to react. 

Problem SIX:  By the time Obama was watching real-time live feeds from a drone [US? Israeli?] overhead, he was already thinking of the effect on the news cycle and his re-election campaign, – NOT on how to rescue Stevens and his men. 

Problem SEVEN:  With visions of Jimmy Carter’s 1979 failed rescue attempt foremost in his mind,  he was paralyzed in fear.  So when two senior flag-grade commanders announced their own plans for a rescue mission – he told both to ‘Stand DOWN!’ – and relieved General Ham when it appeared he would launch anyway.

People – there is NO EXCUSE on EARTH for Obama’s failure to act.

There ARE a couple of reasons.

(1). He didn’t want his smuggling operation to come to light – since any arms smuggled into Syria will eventually be used against US Ally Israel.  Obama has not managed to keep his Muslim loathing of Israel very secret.

(2). He had just spent 44 months being compared to Jimmy Carter.  It surely ate at him and images of Desert One had to be flashing across his mind that Tuesday morning. 

(3). I believe witnesses will eventually testify under oath that he appeared paralyzed, craven, and detached as he gave defensive orders. Then he began thinking of how to keep everything under wraps until after the election.  Obama is a piss-poor Commander-in-Chief, – but he is a MASTER cover-up artist.

Folks, – it will ALL come out eventually!

 –  Fast & Furious, the cover-up, and the claim of ‘Executive Privilege’.

 –  Killing off our Space Program – leaving us in Russian hands.

 –  Obama’s hands-off approach to Iraq – leaving the negotiation of a long-term status-of-forces agreement to the Village Idiot Biden who failed.

 –  Announcing our Afghanistan surrender date after spending 3 months deciding between 40,000 and 30,000 troops to surge.

 –  Firing General McChrystal, then prematurely pulling General Petraeus out of the theater to take over CIA.  Then blaming the CIA for an ‘intelligence failure’ in Libya.

 –  Ignoring the buildup of the Chinese Navy.

 –  Ignoring – or being hapless – in the face of regime change in North Korea.

 –  Willingly throwing Israel under the bus – betraying their military secrets.

And don’t forget – he gave the most important cabinet position in his administration to a DISBARRED ARKANSAS ATTORNEY – and political enemy.

After four years watching ‘HOPE and CHANGE’ we know the ‘Experiment’ has failed – miserably.

The Benghazi Massacre is a metaphor for the greater truth. 

He put people [our country] in Harm’s Way, ignored then rebuffed their repeated requests for adequate security, – then watched them die over a 7-hour running gun battle, – while his only thoughts were his reputation and his re-election.

Now he’s lying and covering up – hoping to be re-elected and have 4 years to bury the evidence of his cowardice.

Four days from today – you can FIRE HIM!

Now watch this video and understand how Americans should behave.

Do you NOW understand what a COWARD Obama is?

4 Responses to “The Experiment Is Over. It Failed Miserably!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Thank you.

  2. Walter Knight

    Don’t hold nothing back.

  3. Kojack

    All of this validates the conclusions drawn in the documentary “2016: Obama’s America”. If Obysmal wins we are so done.

  4. Chris

    Thank you.
    But please, don’t forget to take your pills, you might hurt yourself with the fork.
    And the proof for all this is? let met guess…. “will be uncovered eventually”.
    News flash, I can tell you for sure that Romney is a Russian spy, and once elected, will give all power to Vladimir Putin. The proof will come later. Much later ….
    Pulling stuff from the back side in order to smear people doesn’t sound so good now, isn’t it, once it’s someone you like?

    Whatever dude…

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