The Evil Old Crone Bows OUT For 2020!

Posted March 5th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Democrats REJOICE and breathe a sigh of relief!  (Except those frumpy dowagers still dreaming of their “1st Woman President”).

Perhaps the confirmation of our new Attorney General William Barr was enough for the Evil Bitch to finally see reality,  – and envision the inside of FCI Danbury…  video:

Imagine the grief in her bevy of Klingons, retainers, and political flunkies who were so looking forward to their 2020 paychecks….

And alas,…my priceless trove of paste-ready clip art….

I know some guys smiling down this morning….

7 Responses to “The Evil Old Crone Bows OUT For 2020!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    On deck: The Grim Reaper….

  2. Kojack

    Damn! The evil old gas bag would have been perfect as Java the Hut in the 2020 Star Wars bar scene.

  3. Ben

    Well at least she is going to work for the American people. It is something she never did before.


    Ben, that was New World Order code talk for:

    “I will continue to play the RACE CARD and the CLASS CARD and do my best to keep Americans divided…”.

  4. panther 6

    She does not have a trustworthy bone in her body. Should the real opportunity to run again materialize just watch her.

  5. Clinton ma Tea party

    The dirty old nwo bitch will be doing her evil behind the scenes, just like Kaufman and the rest of the deep evil state, she needs a short rope and a tall tree, She is a traitor URANIUM ONE and millions of other things.

  6. Joshua Norman

    Now, if only Trump would have kept his promise to #LockHerUp


    Jeff Sessions was supposed to do it – but recused himself…because senators have a deal…

    Beyond that, we don’t want to start a practice in the USA (as they have in South America) – of each new president jailing the former president….even if it means letting her off the hook.

  7. Hillary Hater

    Finally she’s done and we can stop talking about her so much! Right?

    I hate hilary I am so glad we can STOP TALKING ABOUT HER 🙂