The Eerie Silence Of The American Law Schools

Posted June 4th, 2014 by Iron Mike

With 200+ “Law Schools” operating in the US, – and a rogue pResident running amok, – where are the voices of protest and outrage from the law campuses?
The Silence of the Law Schools

Where are the hundreds of law school deans and professors rising up – Constitutions in hand – to demand full investigation and impeachment? It’s like the Silence of the Lambs

Remember 1974 and Watergate – a simple political break-in?

There were throngs of young attorneys flocking to Washington to help bring down Richard Nixon.

1974  Hillary Rodham Clinton fired for lying

One of them was Hillary Rodham [Clinton]. She was so obsessed with impeaching Nixon – that she was fired for being a liar. Not much has changed.

So where are the young attorneys who would restore our Constitution and impeach Obama?

We would expect better of Harvard, Yale, and even Georgetown. After all, Harvard found time [and money] to have lifelong race-baiter Jesse Jackson come and lecture.
Jesse Jackson at Harvard Law

So WHERE are the Letters-to-the-Editor, – the campus petitions, – the street protests?

Really, are the law schools chicken?

Does Obama’s half-black skin give him a special Teflon – an immunity to weaken our allies, – imperil our country, – trade with terrorists, – by-pass Congress, – ignore our Constitution, – and do on a daily basis whatever he damn well pleases?


200+ law schools,…should equal at least 197 letters by their deans.

OK, some are just taking tuition money and pumping out ambulance chasers, divorce lawyers, and worker’s comp attorneys.

But SOME of them must still be teaching a semester of Constitutional Law…?   Anybody read Article III, Section 3 lately?

If you are a sitting Law School Dean – and you have yet to go public with your outrage,…well,…you’re just a slack-jawed pussy!

Patriots,  please forward the link to this entry to your local law school deans. Let’s see if we can light a fire under them.

The worst that can happen now…is what they’re already doing – NOTHING!

3 Responses to “The Eerie Silence Of The American Law Schools”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Nice try. The so-called ‘law schools’ are lefty demagogue bastions. The ends justify the means. ‘Result Orientation’ rather than proper construction rules. It was bad when I was a law student–my ‘Constitutional Law’ Professor, Arthur L. Berney, wore a Maoist cap with the red stars around the Boston College Law School campus. It’s worse now, everywhere.
    Boston College, purportedly ‘Catholic’ by the way, is run by the Lefty Jesuit Order–which has more than its fair share of practicing homosexuals, not coincidentally. BC has in recent years, I believe, removed ‘Catholic’ from its Mission Statement and refers to itself as ‘Jesuit’ instead. You can check it out. Same with the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, for example, and that’s a definite. The Pinkos pervade so-called ‘Higher Education.’

    The U.S. lefty law school group-think propaganda edifice is an unmitigated disaster for our Republic.

  2. Hawk1776

    I hope to be present the day that liberals realize that Obama is as bad as conservatives say he is. It will be sweet, but the damage will have already been done.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Like the rest of the divisions on modern campuses, law schools are populated with leftist throne sniffers. This doesn’t bode well for the rule of law. That, and I’d bet that a lot of them are afraid of not getting employment post graduating if they say anything.