The Eighty Mile Donkey Ride

Posted December 24th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Imagine yourself a teenage girl –  very very pregnant by a miracle you didn’t fully understand,  and saved from being pilloried by the townspeople by a kind gentle older man who claimed you as his wife. 

Imagine you are traveling to Bethlehem – the town of David – to register for the Roman Emperor and pay your taxes to him.  Imagine night falling.  You’ve ridden on a donkey for 80 miles,  your water breaks,  and you are about to give birth.   Only you mothers out there can fully relate to how uncomfortable that donkey ride probably was.

So this Christmas Eve, amid all your other distractions and preparations, – imagine what Mary was going through as Joseph was trying to find the holy land equivalent of a Motel 6.  Her contractions had probably already started.  In the end, that stable at least meant getting off the donkey.  

Christmas is way more than a holiday, a tree, and presents. 

   Merry Christmas America!

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