The DOJ Let Attorney Greg Craig Sweat!

Posted April 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was clear in April 2018 – a year ago – that BIG $$$ Democrat Lawyer Greg Craig was in deep doo doo.  Overnight he’d been ejected from the prestigious Skadden law firm where he’d landed after Obama flung him from the West Wing in 2010.

Now a full year after the first rumblings of legal trouble, Craig was indicted today,  – on two counts of making false and misleading statements to federal investigators (the feared Mueller Special Counsel) – about his Ukrainian lobbying activities.  Oops!  This decidedly isn’t the outcome Democrats were hoping Mueller would produce!

What is curious,…is that if Skadden knew a year ago that their wonder-boy lawyer was in deep shit, – why did it take the DOJ a FULL YEAR to haul his ass in and book him?

Were they listening to his phone calls and reading his emails?

How serious were his lies and misleading statements?

Why did they leave him out there sweating,  waiting for the other shoe to drop,  – for a full year…?

In the grand scheme of things,  this former White House Counsel is just a small old fish, – trying to make a living selling his name and his Rolodex.  He wasn’t trying to influence the election of 2016. So what gives…?

UNLESS….the DOJ hopes to FLIP HIM,….as they go after bigger fish.

A Federal Conviction ends Craig’s legal career,…and there are only so many slots for aging talking heads at CNN-MSNBC-CBS,…

So Craig has had a year to consider his future employment opportunities,….particularly if he ends up having to report to a parole officer….

By now he may be an eager witness,….or he may “choose to take a quiet walk” across the Potomac in Marcy Park….like another WH Lawyer did back in the day….

Take your pick Greg:  Arkancide,  Obamacide,  – or FLIP…?

Watch for things to heat up Folks, – Craig knows Dead People!

BTW, in London, Julian Assange was just taken into custody. Coincidence?

2 Responses to “The DOJ Let Attorney Greg Craig Sweat!”

  1. jim ettwein

    I think the Dems are going to rue the day that they demanded that the entire report be released. It’ll be interesting in the next few months as Barr and others use the evidence gathered to bring out more and more charges. Even more… if Barr decides to investigate the genesis of the entire thing.

  2. Kojack

    Can’t wait to see who he rolls on…..they’re sweating profusely right now.

    PRESIDENT TRUMP should extradite and pardon Assange, before its too late…..