The Democrat Party: On A Suicide Mission?

Posted March 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Can the EBT Card/Illegal Immigrant Democrat Party recover from their 30-month fixation on the so-called Kremlin Collusion?  Or did they doom themselves,  – morphing into the exact beasts they feared were wire-guiding Trump?

In the days of Harry Truman they represented working Americans. Now they appear to be sponsoring illegal Mexicans.  Who do they really represent?  What do they offer America’s future generations?

It may take 10 more years for America to forget the slimy snarky way Obama delivered his sneering speeches – full of “I” and “me”, and always delivered against a false straw man.

Until there has been a national forgetfulness,  Democrat wannabes are all going to be reminding Real Americans of that 8-year fraud that was perpetrated on our Young Republic,  – and the harm that was done,  – and the endless lies… “If you like your doctor…”.

We had an undocumented stranger – without even a valid American Birth Certificate,  – as our pResident,  – because Americans ~ thought ~ that voting for a Black man would somehow purge the Democrat Party of its racist history.

But Mister Obama proved to be just as racist as any Democrat in History.

When 2020 rolls around, – what can Democrats point to,  – and what can they offer American Voters?

For the moment they still seem fixated on finding a Russian under Trump’s bed – after 29 months of looking.

They favor illegals from Mexico, Central America, and Muslim countries over American Citizens, – to the point of placing Americans in deadly danger from both infectious diseases, murder, rape, and robbery. (They need the illegals as Democrat voters to guarantee staying in power.)

NOTE:   If you disagree with their priorities and policies, – you’re a RACIST!

They’ve stopped using the term “UN Agenda 21”, – but they are pushing the frauds of “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, “Renewable Energy”, and “Sensible Gun Control”.

It’s a 100-year continuation of their successful passage of Prohibition,  in the XVIII Amendment….which gave rise to Organized Crime (the Mafia).  But Democrats never learn.

They champion the barbarism of late-term and partial-birth abortions – even being content with killing live babies,….they will howl in feigned rage over “separation of families at the border”, ignoring that Obama’s DHS did it for 8 years.

Hypocrisy is a requirement for being a Democrat in politics.

EXAMPLE: They’re absolutely convinced that Global Warming is ‘settled science’, – but cannot accept the science which proves that unborn babies feel pain.

Democrats have a very basic view of the role of Government – at any level from the town, the county, the state, the Federal Government, – and eventually World Government….

…they believe it’s government’s JOB to take care of people – to house, feed, clothe, educate, and insure they are employed, with health care and a dignified retirement.

Your ONLY responsibility is to VOTE for THEM.

Thus school is left to Union Teachers – to MOLD your kids into semi-educated and willing Democrat voters,…

.while Scouting is the new frontier for cross-dressing transgender kids – who never get to spend a night in the woods learning basic survival skills.

Note carefully the current fixation many Democrats have (those who never served or heard a shot fired) with mainstreaming GLBTQ people into our military – and then promoting them ahead of fully qualified troops into positions of great responsibility and command.

Remember back when Democrats told us that Jimmy Carter had commanded a nuclear submarine? Pretty impressive!

Turns out he’d been fired by Admiral Rickover – for incompetence.  The media has been covering up Democrat sins and shortcomings for decades.

As Democrats begin their 2020 campaigns – certain themes are being pushed front and center – such as abolishing the Electoral College, and the ever-popular “Single Payer Health Care”,…

…and a guaranteed minimum wage – EVEN if you don’t work….

Please Folks,  – ask your local Democrats why the Yellow Vests are in the streets for 20 consecutive weekends,  – and why the lights are out in Venezuela.

And ask ’em how many Mexican or Guatemalan families they plan to sponsor – PERSONALLY SPONSOR!

4 Responses to “The Democrat Party: On A Suicide Mission?”

  1. Mt Woman

    You certainly make a good case, but you are not tying to convince me, I am already in your camp. We have to fight against the forces such as Bill Maher who is trying to spin socialism is happy-good, just look at Denmark and Finland. They are trying to spin that socialism-lite can be the best part of capitalism–you can have both for success. Unfortunately, many believe this lie!


    Democrats, RiNOs and Socialists aren’t as smart as you M’Dear. We publish RRB to give you the ammunition you need to open their eyes and get inside their evil heads.

    Evil people like Maher and Al Gore are getting RICH selling snake oil!

    Eventually their grandchildren will suffer as much as the kids in Venezuela today!

  2. Jim Buba

    Yikes! As in ‘The Mouse that Roared’, what do we do if they should win?

    Nothing on the Left makes sense, and their support base happens to be the landlord and non-profit administrators; as well as all of the above. All of the stupid policies they support fit nicely into the government subsidy of everything, including Direct-Deposit Rent Payments.

  3. Ben

    Maher and Gore, now there’s a pair a full house couldn’t beat.

  4. Kojack

    Excellent post, Mike! It summarizes why I will NEVER vote for a DEMOCRAP. Candidates who SEEM reasonable and run as dems most likely have ulterior motives that they will not reveal until AFTER they get elected.

    The DEMOCRAP party is the CON-PARTY. Anyone who is interested in the DEVIOUS history of the DEMOCRAPS should check out Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, Hillary’s America, the secret History of the Democrat Party. It does a great job with giving the details of the 1st graphic in this post.