The Deafening Silence Of The RiNOs

Posted October 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Note carefully you REAL Republicans,  – you Conservatives,  and you Libertarians,   – during this final week of the campaign,…which ‘so-called Republicans’ are speaking out against Empress Hillary,  – and which ones are huddled at home sitting on their hands.rinos-are-silent-about-hillary
Our very way of life – in a free democratic Republic,  – is under threat from the criminals of the Clinton Cartel.  The media has sided against us,  – and our fading hope for survival rests with Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Project Veritas,  – and a slow-moving federal bureaucracy called the FBI.


Remember when there were 17 ‘Republican’ candidates for this office,  – with Mitt Romney and Michael Bloomberg lurking off stage left?

Remember the angst when CNN could only accommodate 13 of them in the ‘First Tier Debate’?


Remember the seething anger some displayed as they were forced to drop out,  – as Trump slowly surged,….even as across town Bernie Sanders was still wildly flapping his arms at Hillary and her rigged DNC system…?

Remember Jeb Bush standing on his toes – to appear taller?

We began to see an ugly truth;  – that some of these ‘Republicans’,  – AND some of the so-called ‘Republicans’ in Congress are just in the game for themselves,  – not for us or our Young Republic.

They unmasked themselves as Trump slowly surged.  They are political crooks,  – not patriots…and they’ll be just as content with Hillary in the White House as they would have been with Jeb Bush,  Chris Christie,  or Lindsay Graham.

They don’t want clean government,  small government,  or efficient government,…they want business as usual.  It has become their lifestyle!

So when Jim Comey seemed to let Hillary off the hook last July,  only a few of them seemed angered or outraged.   There was no sense of national betrayal from most of them,  – and the Bushes and the Romneys were totally silent.

Now with a fresh criminal investigation announced – because a trove of Hillary’s emails are found along with a trove of child pornography on a laptop SHARED by sex pervert Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin,….ALL THESE RiNOS ARE SILENT?

EVEN IF…they don’t want to be seen helping Trump….

.shouldn’t there be a volcano of outrage that Hillary’s emails – sensitive national security emails – found their way to Weiner’s laptop?

Just how sloppy and indifferent is Hillary and her entourage…?

WHERE are the voices of Paul Ryan and John Boehner – and Mitch McConnell?


What saith John McCain?

Take due note Patriots – during these final 8 days – of which self-serving slackards remain mute – not even castigating Hillary, – lest they offend the lady they view as the inevitable Evil Empress….

There SHOULD BE a LOUD CHORUS of Patriots – standing together – telling the voters that Hillary and her close sycophants like Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills are unfit for any public office – specifically because of their abject and criminal disregard for National Security!

W-H-E-R-E are those Republican Voices?

4 Responses to “The Deafening Silence Of The RiNOs”

  1. Mt Woman


  2. Sherox

    In Massachusetts, silence from the “leadership.” Silence is acceptance.

  3. Patrick

    From what I can tell, Ayotte is doing what she can to poison the well against Trump in NH and Marco is doing the same in FL. A number of Republicans are doing what they can on Twitter to make sure Trump loses Utah by imploring anyone who will listen that they should for for McMullin (Bill Kristol, John Podhertz, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Rick Wilson being some examples). If Trump wins we need to do what we can to remove these venomous snakes from the party/movement.

  4. MC

    Not saying they are anything put honorable, but another set of eyes have read the government/Hillary’s classified emails.

    It is being reported that it was the NYPD Special Victims Unit, by warrant, who secured Weiner’s computer and ultimately found the computer file entitled “Life Insurance”.

    I don’t know about you but I feel the only reason this information has surfaced is the NYPD circumvented the DOJ (& the vampire Lynch) and delivered the computer directly to the FBI.

    You know this didn’t go directly to Comey; but up through a chain of agents –making it impossible for the “cover up” powers to dismiss this latest findings. Too many people were in the know.

    But does anyone else wonder why the folder was marked “Life Insurance”?

    It is so comforting (satire) to know that classified material was nestled among the Weiners other sleazy files. Hmm was it life insurance for the pervert or for the one with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood or maybe a payoff from Hillary?

    Where is Ms Hillary this morning – No she wasn’t missing as reported–Nope she was ahh campaigning at a Miami Bar. Mid Day on a Sunday, – campaigning in a bar. I am sure she found a lot of folks there.