The DCCC Thanksgiving CHEAT Sheet

Posted November 27th, 2013 by Iron Mike

How stupid do Democrat Leaders think their voter base is?
DCCC  Know your stuffing
Stupid enough to need a CHEAT SHEET to talk at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Either in desperation – or realizing just how badly the Obama Cartel has screwed their socialist plans,  the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has fired off an email to all known Democrats.

DCCC Email to Deval

It offers a CHEAT SHEET to help dumb-ass MoonBats talk policy at the Thanksgiving dinner table.
Know Your Stuffing

No surprise to RRB readers that the word CHEAT comes up…. 

It’s what they do; – it’s how they win elections.

QUESTION FOR LOYAL DEMOCRATS:   If your party – or your party leadership – thinks you’re this dumb,  – have THEY made the mistake, – or have YOU?   NOTE: They spelled Thanksgiving with a lower-case t…  Nice, huh?

5 Responses to “The DCCC Thanksgiving CHEAT Sheet”

  1. Tom

    This is nothing more than Turkey Talking Points for the non informed voter. I would love to take on one of these pathetic characters over the stuffing and the giblets. Things must be bad when they put out this community organizer crap. Bring them on before the string bean casserole.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Where do they get off, trying to control the conversation we have during Thanksgiving Dinner? Geeeees. Get your dirty paws off of my holiday!

  3. Sue

    If you look at the cheat sheet it appears to be nothing but half truths and lies. The same talking points they have been regurgitating for years now.

  4. Mark

    There is no depth they will not plunge to get what they want. SCUM, all the Dems and most of the Repubs. I can not wait to see the Ted Cruz ad on the Superbowl!

  5. Kojack

    They are correct…their base is incredibly stupid.