The Dark Side of the Immigration Debate

Posted May 8th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Watch these two videos – one in Los Angles the other in San Diego – and try to understand the dark undercurrent of the immigration debate.

 UCLA Professor Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

The folks leading these crowds have Z-E-R-O desire to become assimilated Americans.  They want something entirely different


The Liberals, Progressives, and World Socialists – the “no borders between people” idealists want this militant migratory flood to overwhelm our country, and collapse it from within.  And our Undocumented Worker in the White House is very much on their side.  And worse,  he’s about to announce a replacement for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. 

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One Response to “The Dark Side of the Immigration Debate”

  1. oliver

    I don’t know if anyone read about the high schoolers from California who were sent home from school for wearing American flag t shirts on the 4th of July. When I read the story, I couldn’t believe this happened in my country. First of all, Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated in Mexico. It is a “holiday” invented by the Corona beer company. It infuriates me to hear that any student could be sent home for showing patriotism.

    As for the video, this guy is a loon. The immigration policy is an excuse for all the liberals in this country to make us look racist. The policy allows police to ask for identification ONLY after someone is pulled over for another crime. My father is a first generation Dominican immigrant, and I know for a fact that he’d be willing to be asked to show his papers. If you have a green card then you have nothing to worry about. People need to see illegals for what they are: criminals. And we must treat them as such. As of now, we’ve seen drug trade, murder, rape, and kidnapping in border cities. But if a Mexican laborer can sneak across the border with such ease, what’s to stop a jihadist? We need to crack down on this growing problem, and stop laughing it off. You hear that, Barack? Kidnapping isn’t funny.