The Communist War In Portland Oregon

Posted July 19th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If the good people of Portland are finding it inconvenient to have a civil war raging in their downtown streets,  – they have nobody but themselves to blame.  They VOTED for it!

Portland committed Suicide by Voting – – electing the most ooey-gooey liberals to run their city,  – with no thought about crisis management.

“We’re lucky to be living here in this bucolic Pacific paradise,  – far away for the evil East Coast.  Let’s make it even more Liberal.  What could possibly go wrong?

George Soros was waiting for a city of stupid people to let down their guard enough for him to send his 21st Century “Fifth Column” in.  The rehearsal was held in 2015 – with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston.   His troops were ready.

The PRETEXT is “Peaceful Protest” – but it has been anything but peaceful.

A few preachers help sell the hoax to the uninformed.

You may have heard the term “Useful Idiot” before,  but to understand the full meaning you need to research some History – of the early days of the Russian Revolution,  – and the vast number of prominent Americans and Brits who traveled to Russia,  – to ‘bear witness’ to the marvels of the new Communist strides in agriculture and manufacturing.  They were taken to show farms and factories.

Stalin laughingly called them “Useful Idiots”.  Their descendants are still with us,  – and still praising collectivism and fascism.

Have you seen all the BLM signs around your town?  Have you seen them outside churches?  Do you believe this is a ‘grass roots’ movement,  – or something with national planning and money behind it?

If you’re foolish enough to believe the red rose is just a sign of Peace and Love,…think again!

Listen in this video for the girl’s voice – reassuring the AntiFA goon that “NLG will get you out”.  That’s the National Lawyers Guild.

4 Responses to “The Communist War In Portland Oregon”

  1. panther 6

    After 50 plus days of this crap I am finding it hard to have sympathy for the “good folks” of Portland. Where are they? Have they all left or are they all not so good leftist commies?

  2. Walter Knight

    If you believe the polls, America supports the rioters. I guess the fire in Portland needs to get bigger before people wake up.


    Or,…maybe when they’ve burned down Mayor Wheeler’s house…?

  3. Kojack

    The America hating Lib-Turds/Marxists have been cultivating this for decades in the public schools, colleges and universities by dumbing down and brain-washing the students with their America-hating, global warming propaganda and conservatives sat on their hands and allowed it to continue.

    Now it is bearing fruit for the hate America crowd. Somewhere between 90% and 99% of these “students” are now beyond reach and the Marxists may very well succeed.

    Re-electing President Trump will pause America’s demise but it won’t stop it. If our generation doesn’t turn things around before we pass-on America will be lost. After Trump gets re-elected he needs to declare ANTIFA and BLM domestic terrorist groups, since they both promote Marxism on their websites which makes them self-declared enemies of the U.S. Constitution and proceed to exterminate them. That will eliminate the immediate threat and give us time weed out and destroy the Marxists in our society.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    “You get the government you ask for.” Benjamin Franklin (I think….)

    The best argument against Democracy is a five minute discussion with an average voter.” Winston Churchill.