The Chinese Brag: They OWN Biden

Posted March 6th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Our Nation is now being run – from Wall Street to Congress to the White House,  – by coin-operated sellouts and traitors.

If you’ve been angered by the “Cancel Culture” issues of Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss, – causing you to overlook the bigger and more dangerous issues,  – their plan is succeeding.

Knowing tidbits of science and history – without ever knowing the bigger broader picture,  – has created a generation of dangerous political fanatics,  – and they are pursuing evil policies with demonic intensity.

The gullible fools who have subscribed to man-made global warming really don’t know much about the ice ages;  – haven’t ever thought about why they occurred and don’t know where the ice-caps went…

…but they’re sure we’re killing Polar Bears with every SUV we buy…

…and they certain the planet is about to burn up,  – the plants and animals are about to die, and all the water in the oceans will evaporate…

…leaving Earth looking like Mars….  Just ask them…

The REAL DANGER?  Listen as Chinese professor Di Dongsheng brags of how they influence Wall Street and how they bought the Biden family…

America is in more danger today than at any time in our 245-year history.

Hitler never planned to conquer or occupy us,  – he just wanted to neutralize us so he could conquer Eastern Europe.

The Japanese never intended to conquer or occupy the continental US.  They wanted to neutralize our Navy,  – and thus keep us from interfering with their conquest of Southeast and South Asia.

They fully expected that after Pearl Harbor we’d sign a treaty and resume trading with them.

BY CONTRAST:  China’s long-term plans for the Continental USA and Canada are far more sinister.  They need places for their overpopulation to colonize.  (This is somewhat reflective of Hitler’s plans for the Ukraine and Eastern Europe).

AND,  their growing population is hungry.  They see the USA and Canada as their future agricultural colony.  For that to work,  they don’t need Democrat-infested big cities with their crime-ridden inner-city ghettos…

And they won’t need liberal colleges…..constantly ranting about ‘what’s wrong with government’…

Those populations will be eliminated the same way Mao got rid of 60 million Chinese that he had a strong grudge against.

Just imagine how easy that will be if by 2050 the Democrats (communists) have managed to DISARM the American population….

2021 must be the year that Americans who have ignored all politics – for ALL THEIR LIVES – – must wake up and understand the evil being wrought by these domestic enemies….

…or their grandchildren will live as slaves,  – if they’re allowed to live at all.


If you are in your 50s, 60s, or 70s –  when you were growing up your parents used to say “Eat your food,  kids are starving in China!”,…  Many American parents used to say that….

Kids were starving in China,  – but our parents could never imagined that “famine” was being engineered by Mao.

Today – a half-century later – it is mostly forgotten history,  – and America’s union-dominated public schools won’t teach it….

In a culture preaching Globalism,  they’re afraid of being called Sinophobic.

And today,  the lifelong coin-operated Senator from Delaware is our unelected pResident….

Listen to him nearly 2 years ago (already struggling to talk) Tues, 7 May 2019.

For 4 years we had an American President who loves our country,  – and who understands all these issues.

Today,  Biden sits in our White House – and HE IS THE ISSUE! 

One Response to “The Chinese Brag: They OWN Biden”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    Terrifying! The future of America is on the line, either we continue as a beacon of freedom and liberty–an inspiration for the world–or go in the direction of Venezuela. This is the turning point of Western Civilization.

    We have a vindictive ruling class creating utopia for themselves and punishing and destroying all those that stand in their way. Dark days of tyranny or the light of freedom and liberty, good versus evil.

    President Trump and our movement are in their way. A focused fury is gathering in our country and we will peacefully with quiet determination defend our country and our Constitution.
    We must prevail!