The Children’s Crusade Of 2018

Posted March 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It seems that George Soros – the Pied Piper of America – is leading our Children out of their failing gun-free schools to gun-free government centers across the land – to protest guns.

To Soros, – a man intent on destroying our Republic from within,  – it must be very satisfying.  It is a sad and telling testament to what a thorough job our public schools and our union teachers have been doing to keeping this next generation of voters ignorant and malleable.  We’re paying enormous taxes to have our kids turned into easily programmable robots. 

Today they are marching – on command.

For thousands of years,  – most of our ancestors learned the hard way – that FREEDOM is only possible when the People want it badly enough to fight for it.

Those things around you today that you take for granted as being “Yours”  – like your home,  your car,  your wife and your children, – – were not ‘yours’ in bygone centuries.

You were a SUBJECT,  and all you had was at the beck and call of the King.

If he wanted an addition to his castle, – you were summoned to build it.  If he wanted a bride – your daughter was summoned.  If he merely wanted sex, – your wife was taken for a fortnight. 

Don’t even ~ think ~ of uttering a protest.

Between the Huns, the Mongols, the Muslims and the Vikings,  it took the peoples of Europe hundreds of years to grasp the concepts of self-defense and mutual defense,  and the idea of standing up to a king – with spears in hand – took even longer.

Those ideas really took hold in the New World – where the reach of the king was by parchment proclamation only for over 100 years.  The new “Americans” became entirely self-reliant,  and stubbornly independent.  And their muskets, rifles, and pistols made that independence possible.

In 1775, when the King decided to disarm the Americans – it ignited a shooting war,  and he lost his American colonies.

Then in the late 19th Century came the Communists and their cousins – the Socialists,  – with their dreams that all men should “live in equality”. 

It was a political and economic model based on the myth that all men produce goods, services, and crops in an approximately equal abundance,  – and that the rich have no business dictating who gets paid more for their work.

But of course all men aren’t ‘equal’ in their labor or their ideas, – and certainly not in their work ethic.

And some men are evil and violent, – and good people need protection.

A securely locked door and a reliable gun in your hand keeps a pack of goons from breaking in, – and keeps your wife and daughter safe from rape.

The assembled men of the village, – with their muskets, – keeps the Indians in the woods and the Pirates out in the harbor. The women at home, with their guns guarding their locked doors, – keeps the family safe until the men return.

And thus was born the concept of “The Well-Regulated Militia”. And it all happened on these shores – because there were no Kings to stop Freedom from growing.

The march of Socialism and Communism in the 20th Century claimed over 100,000,000 lives, from Ethiopia to Morocco to France to Moscow, to Peking, to Seoul, to Hanoi and Saigon to Phnom Penh and on to Havana and Caracas. Some starved, some were shot, some bayoneted, some gassed, and the rest mostly starved to death.

Kids in American schools don’t learn about any of this.   It doesn’t fit the new Socialist agenda of “Conquest by Soft Takeover”.  

Why teach kids the reasons to resist,  – when you can program them as obedient ROBOTS – who will march and protest upon command – and think they’re ‘making a difference’?

Today our blissfully ignorant little well-meaning robots are marching forth – a stark reminder of the “Children’s Crusade” of 1212….an event they never learned about.

Like those young Crusaders in 1212,   these kids are also being sold into slavery. 

They think their ‘enemy’ is GUNS…..  Their REAL ENEMY is standing in front of their classroom,  – and meeting at night as their elected school boards.  

And you’re paying for it.

5 Responses to “The Children’s Crusade Of 2018”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Now Mike,


    Be sure your motion sensors are working around your house — particularly in the back yard.

    (heh heh)

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Kojack

    Thank you, Mike, I never knew about that event in 1212. I think the difference is that they were ignorant of the Muslim savages and really believed that it would whereas Soros is using the little tools to deceive the public into giving up their freedom.

  3. John

    Soros and his minions, along with Hillary need to go away permanently, hopefully their poor health will welcome them to the deep hell they deserve.

  4. Panther 6

    I am not sure what keeps Soros around on the upside of the green; he is marked man simply by old age. The sooner he meets Lucifer the better.

    These kids have been used and the demorat leaders are the facilitators of this travesty.

    Thanks Mike for reminding me of the Children’s Crudsade,,,a debacle if there ever was one. Cause and goal was right but the muslims would not cooperate. There is a lesson there for us in the 21st Century. IS must be stopped.

  5. Mt Woman

    Always a interesting history lesson, thank you! History is repeating itself for the gullible who are always looking for an easy fix.