The Case Of The Cake Not Yet Baked!

Posted February 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

When a California judge rules against ‘aggrieved’ lesbians,  – you have to believe God had a hand in the issue…..

There are likely to be challenges to Judge Lampe’s ruling,  – but the distinction he’s drawn – between forcing the sale of existing products,  – and forcing a person to create against their will,…is fundamental to your right to intellectual property!

Certainly the Left-Leaning 9th Circuit will weigh in,  – and likely overrule the Judge,  – even as his ruling is offered elsewhere to protect other vendors,  – such as wedding planners,  photographers,  florists,  and musicians….

What we don’t know is how many bake shops these lesbians looked at before selecting Cathy Miller as their publicity stunt victim….

4 Responses to “The Case Of The Cake Not Yet Baked!”

  1. Kojack

    If placating all the FREAKS stops and they are forced back in the closet where they belong this kind of NONSENSE will stop. They want to FORCE others to view/treat them as NORMAL and that ain’t gonna happen with people like Cathy Miller who stand up for themselves and their beliefs. Kudos to her!

    Why don’t they start gay businesses to cater to other gays? Then they could refuse to sell to NORMAL people and feel what it’s like to be dictated to by the courts.

  2. MC

    Are those humans or large obese farm animals?

  3. Mt Woman

    Let the free-market prevail. If one bakery won’t bake your cake, find another who will. If it gets around that the one bakery doesn’t bake cakes based on specific criteria, one bakery may flourish and another may be relegated to donuts on Sunday morning.

  4. Panther 6

    It is truly beyond the pale when one considers all the clamor over the “BAKE A CAKE” A business man or woman is in business to make money. If a given owner determines they don’t want to sell their product so be it. This crap of suing, which as Mike points out is as much a publicity stunt as anything needs to be stopped. Our courts are busy enough dealing with REAL crimes.