The Blind Mice Marched To Springfield

Posted August 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It took them three days – 52 miles,  – to try gaining a national spotlight for their anti-gun cause.  I’m sure they feel like they made a statement.

They sure DID!    They proved how badly educated they are,  – and how totally unworthy they are of the blood spilled by Patriots – men with guns, – to secure and preserve their Freedom.

Only a blithering fool would think that young David Hogg thought this 3-day stunt up by himself, organized and financed it, – and had the press ready.  You can literally smell the aging dandruff and blood money of George Soros all over this.

From various reports they mustered between 175 – 200 willing blind mice,  – all ignorant of how America is different from every other country on earth,  – or why it happened.

If these kids REALLY FEAR school shootings,  – why aren’t they insisting on armed guards,  armed teachers,  and hardened classroom doors…?

With 400,000,000 guns in private ownership,  – do they realistically think they can ever be rounded up?  If the government can’t stop illegal immigration and the drug trade,  – how can they ever round up guns?

Bishop Fisher would do more good to tell his flock to stop voting for Socialist politicians,  and to arm themselves for the worst of days,  – while praying that God keeps them safe in a free republic…

If Bishop Fisher were REALLY SERIOUS about ‘saving lives’,  – he’d be marching against Planned Parenthood at 3550 Main Street – just 3 short miles west of the Smith & Wesson factory.

Can we say “Hypocrite”?

Guns don’t cause killing any more than the Devil causes sin.  The Devil just tempts those who are already inclined to do evil and wicked things.

In China,  – and now in Europe,  – killers are using knives….and trucks.  A lack of guns doesn’t seem to stop mass killings.

And the rest of us should thank our God that there were Patriots willing to stand in peaceful opposition to that March of the Blind Mice.

6 Responses to “The Blind Mice Marched To Springfield”

  1. Integrity1st

    Thank God for our patriots, and those that show up. Thank you!!!

  2. Varvara

    On Aug 22, at l1:51am, I wrote that there was a group of people marching to Smith & Wesson. Guess they got there. Very little publicity in the MSM regarding these young citizens and their cause, however stilted it might be.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Scott Lively for MA GOVERNOR was the only politician with the courage to show up and defend our 2nd amendment.

    Folks, to throw out “Never Trumper” Baker,


    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  4. Liberal Scum

    Y’all are dumb as hell lmao Chloe’s Armenian she knows a lot about genocide do some research next time guys


    Thanks for your input. Very interesting! Why does your friend think the Armenians were so easily rounded up and slaughtered?

    You should read and share this RRB entry from 2015 – the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

    Don’t be afraid
    – use your real email next time; – and maybe a more worthy handle.

  5. Sherox

    These are the same idiots who protest gun violence and yet demand the murder of the unborn. Since they have no god then it matters not if either are killed since we have no meaning in life.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    This could have easily been a two day trip: 53 hours ÷ 3 miles per hour [average walking pace] = 6 hours per day or 18 miles per day.

    Believe me, Hogg wouldn’t be pulling this stunt if we didn’t have midterms coming up. Once again we are left wondering: Who funds ya, Dave?