The Bitterest Pill For Democrats

Posted February 3rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Drip by drip,  the truth is slowly seeping out of the cracks in the facade,  and despite the rantings of Democrat politicians and their Propaganda Ministry,…the average home-town third-generation uninformed Democrat will soon know the ugly truth.
Hillary lost a rigged election because as a person,  as a candidate,  and as an American – she absolutely sucks!   And between her,  Obama,  and their Globalist Cartel,  – they damn near ruined our Republic.

But the people woke up in 2016,  the crowds came out for Trump – to his rallies and to the polling places,  – and for the moment at least – our Constitutional Republic was saved.  Now the evil is being rooted out,…ever so slowly.

Oddly, what saved our nation was a series of clumsy accidents.

Democrats are NEVER any good at anything beyond rigging voting machines,  – so all of their evil schemes under Obama came to light – and some of us were watching,  and using social media to by-pass the Propaganda Ministry to get the TRUTH out.

Thus Americans learned about Fast & Furious,  the Benghazi arms smuggling fiasco,  IRS targeting,  the forged birth certificate,  the ObamaCare Ponzi scheme,  the Taliban/Bergdahl treason,  his fake war against ISIS,  and the VA waiting list scandal.

And Americans came to understand that the Clinton Global Initiative was not a ‘charity’ – it was a political slush fund to comfortably fund her 2016 coronation. 

Obama’s IRS never gave it a glance,  – they were too busy screwing over TEA Party chapters.

BUT,  by early 2016 their own polling was revealing the truth,  – beyond the mindless cult of “feminists” who desperately wanted a First Woman President (no matter how criminal or tainted) – Hillary would lose to Bernie – or then to almost any Republican except ~ maybe ~ Kasich, Jeb Bush, or Romney.

And suddenly the Republican coming to the front of the pack of 17 was Trump, – and nobody could find any dirt or scandals to bring him down.

Hell,  even his ex-wives and old girlfriends were supportive!

So in desperation they decided to manufacture a “Russian Connection” – and they added the “Golden Showers” piece to make the story easy for stupid people to believe.

Of course the Propaganda Ministry ran headlong with it….  Any lie – any unchecked story – to advance Hillary and vanquish that hated interloper Trump.

Now,  eighteen long months later,  even with Robert Mueller and his 17 pro-Hillary attorneys looking – there is yet to be any evidence presented to us of a “Russian Collusion”.

But the bitter Dhimmicrat globalists have taken great delight in keeping the “investigation” going – because who knows,…they just might find a Russian…somewhere…

And as long as their Propaganda Ministry focuses on the Mueller investigation,  – they’re not looking at the bread crumbs which lead across the desks of Comey, Lynch, and Obama himself.

Those three will be very lucky to escape prison, – Lynch only because she is Black, – and Obama only because nobody in America wants to get into the business of imprisoning former presidents, – as is so common in the Third World.

They may live out their days as “unindicted co-conspirators”.

And all the Hillary-worshiping Dhimmicrats – all those women longing to watch the Marines at Marine One salute Hillary on the West Lawn;  – they may never understand the ugly truth:

The Globalists didn’t CARE that she was a ‘woman’;  they just wanted an obedient and electable puppet to complete their mission of DESTROYING our American Republic.

Thank GOD she proved unelectable!

In January 2016 – well ahead of the primaries and caucuses – there were 76,000,000± American women – all over the age of 35 – all natural-born US Citizens,  – many with advanced degrees and significant contributions in business, industry and government,  – with no scandals and no criminal records,….

.yet ~ somehow ~ Democrats could only find Hillary…?

6 Responses to “The Bitterest Pill For Democrats”

  1. Kojack

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but former POTUS or not Obysmal needs to see the inside of a cell along with the Hidebeast, withholder, Lynch, Lerner, Comey and anyone else who broke the law or we’re going to keep having these problems.

  2. Tim Murphy

    If such obscene levels of lawlessness are allowed to go unpunished then this precedent will invite future abuses.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    The FBI already had its eye on Carter Page for some time because of his contacts in the Russian oil and gas industry, but never had him under surveillance. But when Page began to advise the Trump campaign, it must have seemed like a golden opportunity to Obama’s radical DoJ leadership… get Page, and unmask the others to get Trump too. Or so they thought.

  4. Panther 6

    The whole sordid affair(s) is disgusting and beyond the Pale. Justice must be served and I hope one day soon. The American people want it,,,,,only the demorats resist. We would not be the first nation to imprison an ex President,,,Kojack got it right.

  5. Agz3

    Carter page is an idiot and didn’t Kelly Ann Conway and the Trump dummies just come out on fox news and say how once again he was low level employee and noone knew him and he never talked to trump. Same as papadopolus So which is it did he advise trump or na.cause it seems to me I don’t know just an opinion but every time they mess with Russia get busted and all of a sudden oh they didn’t work 4 us! Why so many people work with Russians then get caught and can’t remember nothing. Sessions prime example never can recall anything lol!

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    With all of the major scandals and disasters of the Obama years, people are beginning to see what these arrogant, smug and destructive Democrats are doing.

    As we get closer to 2020, Americans will ask the question that Reagan asked, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” With better policies, more prosperity, a much more secure country, and so much more than Americans had under Obama, it is looking like a win for our country–and the world.