The Bergdahl Case: Compounding Treasons

Posted October 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

We predicted this back in June 2014 – when pResident Photo-Op was taking a Rose Garden victory bow with Bergdahl’s hippie parents – complete with hugs.   Wrapping himself in a warrior’s robe, “…he was leaving nobody on the battlefield”.   My nausea factor pegged all the way over and bent the needle.
Bergdahl saved by a hug
Now we learn that the appointed Article 32 officer [like a one-man grand jury] – LTC Mark A. Visger [a JAG officer with no combat experience] [who LOOKS gay] has recommended the most lenient of court-martials – to be followed by the most lenient of punishments.

Lieutenant Colonel Visger had his marching orders:

– Obama’s feel-good moment in the Rose Garden is NOT to be spoiled with a gory court-martial – and the memory of six dead American paratroopers…

…and certainly not about his treasonous trade [without Congressional approval – or even notification] of five high-value Taliban war chiefs for this cowardly deserter.

5 Taliban Aces

Abrams w HagelIf FORSCOM Commander General Abrams [son of the the WWII and Vietnam legend] accepts Visger’s Article 32 recommendation, – and impanels a Special Court Martial to quickly dispose of the case,…a huge, almost unspeakable injustice will have been inflicted upon the entire American Military.

Abrams seems to be far more the political soldier than was his hard-charging tank battalion commander father – who once told Patton that the fastest way home was through Berlin.

So I fully expect Abrams to also follow orders – to hide behind Visger’s ‘recommendation’ – and let Bergdahl off with the easiest possible punishment – and maybe only an administrative discharge. The traitor will live to be technical adviser on the movie about ‘his adventures’.

Pvt Eddie SlovikSome Americans – and most US Service Members – know of the case of Private Eddie Slovik – the last man executed – by firing squad – for desertion in WWII.

Eisenhower himself denied the clemency request and approved the sentence. 

Slovik had deserted twice [ same as Bergdahl ],  – and thought he’d only face jail time [safety] until the war was over.

Certainly some girly-men are not cut out for combat, – not even for military service,  – and there is some unfairness in war.

But Bergdahl was not drafted,  – and he had to volunteer for jump school,  – and pass it.  So he was able to face both extreme physical challenge and danger.

We are told part of his ‘sob story’ – is that he ‘left his post – so he could walk to a higher headquarters and be a whistle-blower’.   Uh-huh!

So his UNIT is to blame for creating the ‘conditions’ which forced him to desert?

Bergdahl's victims

The very SAME UNIT which launched endless search missions for him – and caused six good men to be ambushed and killed by the Taliban?

A sob story excuse like that ought to be worth an additional charge!

So LTC Visger has ‘just followed orders’ – and recommended that Bergdahl NOT face General Court Martial – and NOT receive prison time.

No soldier should ever again sit at Visger’s table – or ever again voluntarily speak to him.  He is a puke maggot!  

Visger, you have become an enabler of Obama’s Treason.

6 Responses to “The Bergdahl Case: Compounding Treasons”

  1. Varvara

    I wonder what the families of the six good men are thinking now.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Can this administration be any more corrupt than it has shown itself to be? They have infiltrated the Command Staff, they have infiltrated the JAG, they have infiltrated the Justice Department, the State Department, the SCOTUS, the media and the mnds, using that term loosely, of all low information voters.

  3. Panther 6

    PFC Bergdahl is a deserter, a traitor, a disgrace to the uniform and a our nation. Although I met his parents at HQ US CENTCOM one noon and stood by while they talked with some folks I won’t comment on them. The recommendation on how to proceed is also a disgrace and I am glad I am not today still wearing a green suit.

    ONE GOOD PIECE of news. I am told on good authority that PFC Bergdahl in not a paratrooper – not airborne qualified. He was a last minute filler, LEG, NAP (Non Airborne Person) as the unit prepared to deploy. He is still a traitor in my mind and should spend the rest of his days digging and filling in a 6 X 6 inside some out of the way stockade in a very desolate desert.

  4. Robert Greenhalge

    How exactly does one “look gay”?

    Just wondering…


    Aah Robert, you make it almost too easy….

    You simple-minded knee-jerk liberal JERKS always rise to the gay bait!

    You totally overlook or dismiss Obama’s TREASON and the denigration of HONOR in our Officer Corps – – and you want to challenge us on ‘gay issues’.

    To answer your question, Visger has an adorable womanly face – the face of a gentle soul more suited to discussing poetry and drinking tea from fine china cups [with his pinkey extended], than a man ready to lead a combat mission against ISIS.

    Given all the things he ~ could ~ have done with his life, – he chose to be part of Obama’s machinery for dismantling our military as an effective and once-feared fighting force. He is as much a disgrace as is Bergdahl!

  5. Hawk1776

    This is the least transparent most manipulative administration in history. It’s surpasses the worst of the Chicago Democratic machine. Visger is a pawn of the administration. He will conduct his defense to protect the administration. The next step will be to recommend Bergdahl for a commendation.

  6. Jim Gettens

    There are now approximately 3400 Army active duty, Reserve, and National Guard JAG officers, and thousands more JAGs in the Navy/Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. There are yet more DoD civilian lawyers. Due in large part to the overly regulated Armed Forces controlled in essence by legal bureaucrats, we no longer fight wars to annihilate the enemy and win. Instead, JAGs draft hand-cuffing Rules of Engagement, approve targeting lists, approve lists of ordnance types for targets based on the killing radius of various ordnance and capacity for ‘collateral damage,’, etc., etc.

    Commanders now consult JAGS on whether to hit a mosque or school from which the enemy are firing upon and killing U.S. servicemen. JAGs have input as to what targets are off limits–due to educational, cultural, or historical considerations–even if the enemy are using them. In short, Commanders no longer wipe their asses without consulting a JAG. Welcome to the legalistic and therefore neutered U.S. Armed Forces.

    LTC Visger will be rewarded for being a politicized JAG drone and the politicized/Obamacized Chain of Command will be thrilled to hide behind him.