The Battle Of The AA/EEO Broads

Posted July 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Senator (Major) Tulsi Gabbard slams Willie Brown’s Mistress (Senator) Kamala Harris as being “Unfit to be CinC”?

To give her FULL CREDIT,  Major Gabbard deployed to the sandbox twice,  – once as an enlisted soldier,  once as a brand-new lieutenant.  Suddenly she’s a military expert?  She’d be smarter to just list the men Harris slept with on her way to the Senate.


Since BOTH Gabbard and Harris are children of mixed-race marriages, – so which one will call the other “RACIST” first…?

Frankly,  both have been a disgrace to the Nation they’ve sworn OATHS to,  – both fighting Trump tooth and nail to keep our southern border open.

Gabbard may be the bigger hypocrite – since Guatemalans and Mexicans aren’t coming into Hawaii across the sands of Kauna ‘oa Beach, – so her Hawaiian constituents aren’t being endangered,  victimized,  and murdered by illegals.

Today she’s running for President, – but just 3 years ago as a US Representative from Hawaii,  – she was supporting lifelong Socialist Bernie Sanders for President, – even over heir-apparent Hillary.

What has happened in those 3 years to make Gabbard think that she’s now the best person to judge another Senator’s presidential timber?   

And what about her buddy Bernie?

Bernie,  did she at least send you a “Dear John”…?

Senator Gabbard is correct;  – Harris IS totally unqualified to be President,  – but so is Senator Gabbard.

She graduated from an accelerated Alabama National Guard state OCS program,  – while she was working as an aide for Hawaiian Senator Daniel Akaka. 

That’s called taking advantage of a high-placed sponsor to get into a course not routinely available to her,  aka POLITICAL PULL.

In these past 20 years, has anybody out there met an honorable Democrat? 

2 Responses to “The Battle Of The AA/EEO Broads”

  1. panther 6

    It truly is disheartening to see so many women in positions of power who have no concern for the people they represent – only concern is for power and the “goodies” they can get from their positions in the political realm. Gabbard may be a good Military cop, can’t say, and she did deploy twice to the sand box. For that I commend her. But I also doubt she is ready to fill the role of CinC.

  2. Kojack

    Gabbard is a disguised threat which makes her more dangerous because her demeaner is dis-arming and she seems much more reasonable than Harris but her positions are exactly the same. Also, she served in a MASH unit for which she deserves credit but her views are not going to be the same as someone who experienced combat or at least served in combat arms during peace-time. There are no guarantees of course, i.e. Seth Moulton and Tammy Duckworth.