The Bastard Prince And His Unhappy Trollop

Posted January 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Tired yet of seeing your newspapers and TV set filled with constant stories about the unhappy royal newly-weds? Is your memory so short you don’t remember the media circus surrounding Diana, her Royal Divorce, her ‘social life’ and her 1997 death in Paris?  Like mother – like son…
The Media needs to make a PROFIT;  – so they’ll keep feeding you what you buy and click on.

Queen Elizabeth can end this media circus with a simple Royal Decree that young Harry (age 35),  his ‘father’ Prince Charles, – and retired Army Major James Hewitt submit DNA samples.  All the samples need do is rule OUT Charles as the father…

…and should that happen, young Harry can try his hand at being a real-life full-time Royal Marine officer,…or making his way in the cruel world of us civilians….

As for Miss Markle, – how long before she joins the cast of The View?

Meghan should have read a little history before getting itchy feet.  She should have figured out how Wallis Simpson’s final years were lived….

….because when the mindless public gets tired of hearing about how she wed a prince then promptly thrust her daggers into the royal family,…the acting jobs will dry up,…the money will be gone,…and her book won’t sell.

At some point at least 90% of even the most stupid Americans will come to realize we fought two wars to rid ourselves of the intrigues and evils of the British Royal Family.

We have enough woes,  ineptitude,  and scandals here with the damned Democrats!

And,….sadly,…we also have the Kardashians….

5 Responses to “The Bastard Prince And His Unhappy Trollop”

  1. Catherine

    Well, it’s worse than it seems. At first I had kinda hoped they just wanted to get away from the pedo scandal that’s about to break over the Windsors (Chuckie, Andy, and dad Phil at least – between cavorting with JE – who didn’t kill himself – on his island, and with Jimmy Saville, they are all ripe for a downfall). Actually, since they’re from the UK, that would be a paedo scandal.

    But as it turns out, Meggie has now announced she’s considering a US high-level political run in 2024 (female, mixed-race – a leftist dream, despite the fact that she is ignorant and devoid of any relevant experience). AND they’ve set up a “charitable foundation” in Canada, just like hrc did, where big donors do not need to be divulged anywhere. That makes it look like they’re setting up to become the next pay-for-play duo, selling high-end secrets for “donations” to a foundation that will fund their desired high rolling lifestyle.

    Here’s hoping our President and his team can finish gutting the deepstate while the dems finish their slow self-immolation (on the altar of “impeach! impeach!”), so this possible plan falls flat on its face.

  2. panther 6

    The Queen deserves better at her age and given the performance of the last 70 years. She has served the UK Well. Amazing the problems the Royals can create for themselves. But they remain popular over there and are a great tourist draw.

  3. Walter Knight

    They’re moving to Canada? Good. The USA is full.

  4. Kojack

    “As for Miss Markle, – how long before she joins the cast of The View?”

    She’d blend right in to that CLUSTER-F**K.

  5. Joshua Norman

    “Amazing the problems the Royals can create for themselves. ”

    Hey Panther 6, for what it is worth, English law prohibits the “Royal Family” from solving problems. Unfortunately, it does not prohibit them from creating problems.