‘The Baby’s Gone…’

Posted December 31st, 2011 by Iron Mike

ALBUQUERQUE:  Bernalillo Sheriff’s Deputies found her – 4 weeks old – battered – blood pooling around her Onesie – two black eyes, a bite mark on her cheek, brain bleeds, lacerated liver, fractured ribs [partially healed] and anal and vaginal tearing.

Arrested: illegal Mexican alien Juan Galindo, 37, aka Oscar Valladez – deported in July after serving time for drug use [has a long criminal record] finally admitted he’d ‘been high on meth’ when he assaulted her.  After she died he says he sat on the porch with her body for three hours waiting for the mother to return from a nearby casino.

Why should this story matter on New Year’s Eve in Massachusetts?
Governor Patrick just signed a casino bill here, and he refuses to cooperate with the Federal Secure Communities Program – saying that ‘it feels too much like racial profiling’.

How would you profile this case Duh-val?

/s/  Iron Mike
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4 Responses to “‘The Baby’s Gone…’”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    But, the casino bill will be a hack haven for politicians who have either lost their posts or retired, their friends and family and ulimately, maybe, a cash cow for the tax and spend Dems that run this state. The Federal Secure Communities Program offers meager funds and little other monetary consideration, but it would offer the protection that our much traveled governor is bound by his oath of office to provide to the citizens of the Commonwealth. It is obvious why he chose the former and not the latter.

  2. Rabid Republican

    This is really all about the Secure Communities. Ask this mother how secure her community is now. Ask her neighbors. Ask Juan, er, Oscar. rr

  3. Kim

    Lethal injection is too good for the p.o.s.

  4. Lizzy

    Soo sad. He admits to, amongst other things, using his fingers to… yet the babies mother doesn’t believe he murdered their child. Must be the drugs distorting her rationalization of this brutaak7yl and unjust crime.