The AntiFA: America’s New Brownshirts

Posted June 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

For 2017 their cover story is that ‘Trump is a racist’,  his supporters are “Fascists” – i.e. bad guys;  – and they are the “Good Guys” fighting this new evil….

Actually – the exact opposite is the real truth.   If you’d learned any history you know we are seeing a replay of Germany in the 1920s.


The early days of the Nazi movement in post WWI Germany needed street muscle.  Hitler wasn’t the only would-be dictator trying to take over that war and depression-battered nation.

His goons were the Sturmabteilung,  aka the SA,  or the Brownshirts.  They wore army surplus Italian Army uniforms,  and were a grotesque collection of street thugs,  homosexuals,  and criminals,  – all needing somebody to feed them and give them a ‘respectable identity’.

Led by Ernst Röhm, their specialty was to wade into any crowd of people opposed to Hitler,  – and beat the piss out of them.  The more serious injuries and broken bones the better.  Their ‘off-duty’ conduct can best be described as debauchery.

By early 1932 they numbered some 400,000 men,  and Röhm saw them as the successors to the German Army.  Hitler had no such illusion.

The SA continued to recruit,  by June 1934 it numbered some 3,000,000 men,  – many ex-communists, – and Röhm was a threat to remove Hitler from power.

Hitler acted on 30 June 1934 – personally arresting Röhm,  and having some 200 SA leaders arrested – many shot on the spot.  The event is known as “The Night of the Long Knives”.

Two days later Röhm was shot – after he refused to commit suicide.  The SA thugs were either moved into the German Army or into SS units. They had moved Hitler into power – and were now expendable,  – unwanted problems really.

UNDERSTAND THIS:   The SA was just the street muscle – the crowd intimidators.  The BIG MONEY behind Hitler’s rise was the German industrialists,  – who were willing to risk his eccentricities in order to get their factories back in production.

TODAY,  – the BIG MONEY behind the so-called AntiFA movement is George Soros – who as a teenager worked for the Nazis looting the home of rounded up Jews.

TODAY’S WORD:   “Projection”   –  If you are doing something evil or illegal – like rigging a national election for Hillary,  – you ‘project’ and accuse Republicans of being in bed with Putin.

If you are a true fascist – with long term plans to strip the wealth of the rich and still keep Blacks and Hispanics as second class subjects,   – then you ‘project’,  – and accuse Republicans of being racists and fascists.

If you are mega-rich (Soros is worth $25 Billion) – then all you need is an organization,  – and street muscle,  – and maybe a slogan or two…..(Love trumps Hate…?)

Your immediate goal is a period of national chaos – out of which will rise the socialist dictator.

So when Pam Geller hosts a nationwide protest against growing Muslim Sharia Law here in the US, – you stage violent counter-protests – even if it means siding for the moment with Muslims and Gays in a ‘combined front’.

Philadelphia girl Lisa Joy Simon traveled to Harrisburg – with a nail affixed in the end of her flagpole. She stabbed a state police horse in the neck, and was arrested. 

Where did she learn such hatred and such tactics at age 23?

I’m guessing that her shaved head is a statement of how militant she feels,…about something….

Should she be looking forward to a key leadership role in the George Soros Forth Reich,….or should she fully expect to be dealt with like Ernst Röhm and the top 200 SA leaders…?

I’m ~ just guessing ~ that Soros didn’t bother to bail her out….

3 Responses to “The AntiFA: America’s New Brownshirts”

  1. Varvara

    While having lunch with a friend we discussed current events. I commented that it felt like the 1930s. He said it felt like 1939 and we would be in another war. My friend was 94, married 72 years to his sweetheart and served in WWII in a submarine.

    Today they do not wear brown shirts but quite a few wear black masks and hoodies. That seems to be the uniform of the day. They seem to get a thrill out of beating people.

  2. Kojack

    Comparing them to the SA is giving them to much credit. I think Alinsky’s “USEFUL IDIOTS” is a more apt description.

    Unlike post WWI Germany, the economy in the present day U.S.A. is heating up as is opposition to the so-called Anti-Fa. Once tax-reform is passed, the economy will be on fire and these LOSERS will be totally marginalized.

    The danger is that the Russia thing is an attempted overthrow veiled as seeking justice. Trump and Sessions need to go on the offense.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Police horse Sampson was apparently not seriously injured and was able to continue working.

    Aggravated Assault-Police
    Police Animals-Taunt/Torment/Strike
    Offensive Weapon
    Obstruction Administrative Law
    Resisting Arrest
    Disorderly Conduct