The Amazing Grace Of Ivanka Trump

Posted February 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

By this date most Americans – indeed the World,  – understand the deep-seated loathing NBC has for all things Trump and all things Republican.  So we doubt that Ivanka was totally surprised by the crude question put to her – on camera,  – by ‘reporter’ (Soros agent) Peter Alexander.

But her poise and grace – while unequivocally telling him to shove it up his ass,  – should go down in History as a timeless classic.
35 second clip:

Should Ivanka choose to run for the WH come 2032,  – she has already proven her ability to handle assholes with an aplomb seldom seen in American politics.

Ivanka,  we are very proud of you!

3 Responses to “The Amazing Grace Of Ivanka Trump”

  1. Vince

    She is a welcome change from the monkeys in the Whitehouse during the Clinton and Obama rein.

  2. Hawk1776

    Peter Alexander is a douche.

  3. Mt Woman

    Class act!! Funny, I never recall such a question being posed to Chelsea Clinton-ever!