The 9/11 Babies Are Voting This Year

Posted September 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

All the toddlers and little kids from 17 years ago are teenagers now,  – finishing high school, – some off to college,  – and many about to vote in their first serious election.

At first well-meaning grownups shielded them from the ugly reality of Muslim terrorism,  – then shifted the conversation to a left-wing version of “Blame America”.

Today most Americans cannot explain WHY we were attacked 17 years ago;  – cannot explain what were the objectives of Osama bin Laden and his suicide attackers.

America was NOT the immediate target of the attackers!  They were aiming to awaken the souls of young Muslims across the Muslim World.   The REAL TARGETS were (and still are) the Saudi Royal Family and the sitting heads of state in each Muslim country.

The operation that morning was a GRAND DEMONSTRATION of what a handful of truly committed Muslims can accomplish – if they are willing to die for Allah.

And it worked in spectacular fashion!

Young Muslims were awakened to their ‘duty’ to go on Jihad – to attack all things Western and ‘impure’…

…so we have witnessed 17 years of ongoing terrorism here in the US,  in SE Asia,  across the Middle East,  across Africa,…and in Europe.

Meanwhile stupid American and European Liberals continue to preach ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING, TOLERANCE, and OUTREACH.

Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, and much of Britain are under siege.  Women are being raped day and night,  and people are being knifed, shot, and run over by trucks and cars.  And STILL Merkel wants to accept more refugees.

Frankly Folks, the Left never saw a threat they didn’t feel they could win over with “Love and a Welfare Check”…and this is no different.  Thus you have PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS teaching kids about all the Good Peace-Loving Muslims” around the world who just want to be your friends…

Your tax dollars are being used to subvert your Judeo-Christian culture,  – which is an attack just as deadly and just as evil as was the hijacking of four airliners.

By playing their VICTIM CARD,  Muslims are winning the propaganda battle.

By 2008 they even convinced American Liberals to elect a Muslim President, – despite all the evidence that he was a Trojan Horse….

If you want the Muslims to win,  – to take over all of Europe and the United States,  – just keep playing the STUPID GAME.

Pretend there are “good decent peace-loving Muslims out there who want to live here in peace and share your American prosperity”.

Don’t teach your kids History,  – and don’t teach them to shoot!

The invading conquerors will be forever grateful!

Of course you could always just listen to the Liberals when they tell you “the Dangers are being EXAGGERATED by the Republicans”.

Still think climate change is our “Greatest Danger”?

2 Responses to “The 9/11 Babies Are Voting This Year”

  1. Varvara

    I am a New Yorker. I was in those towers several times. I was in NYC when they tried to take down the towers in’93 by crashing into the garage opening with explosive laden trucks.
    I watched the dancing in the streets of Brooklyn, along Atlantic Ave, on the news on 9/11. I watched the films of people jumping out of windows.

    I was evacuated from the John Hancock building. The same building where a car drove into the lobby. Perhaps then they were practicing. Two attempts, then they decided they really needed airplanes.

  2. Kojack

    In the end, it is the hijra that will subdue the west…..Europe will be the 1st to go.

    I went to Florida for 2 weeks last month. BOTH airports(Logan & Ft. Lauderdale) were LOADED with mUSLIM workers, some in the TSA. Why such a disproportionate number in the airports in a country where they are for now, a small minority?!?!? BECAUSE THE lib-TURDS IN CHARGE WANT TO “NORMALIZE” ISLAM, THAT’S WHY!!!

    Back in 2001, like many Americans, I knew very little about iSLAM, but what little I knew I didn’t like and unlike lib-TURDs and DEMOCRAPS I am not blind and I made it a point to learn about them.

    The thinly veiled CULT of iSLAM is a blue print for world domination conceived by the murderous pedophile Mohamed, and if it is not totally eradicated or go thru a reformation much like Christianity, it WILL eventually dominate the world. Let 9/11/2001 serve as a wake up call for the naïve.