The 21st Century Democrat Party

Posted February 12th, 2019 by Iron Mike

What is really different today about the new ‘Democrats’ in Washington,  from those who came before them in the party of evil and slavery for 191 years?

In 1861 Democrats seceded from the Union,  fearful that newly-elected Republican Abe Lincoln might free their slaves….  It quickly became our bloodiest war.

After the Civil War the nation learned that southern plantation owners had been cheating on their taxes – for decades – by under-reporting the number of slaves they owned….

Suddenly America was confronted with 4 million freed slaves.  Prior to the war,  best guesses (from tax records) was about 1 million…

Not about to let their lives be run by newly free Black slaves after the Civil War,  Southern Democrats formed the KKK,  and brought terror tactics to bear to keep Blacks ‘in their place’ and away from the polls on election day….

For decades the KKK was the secret enforcement arm of the Democrat Political machine – and not just in the South…


Funny how in 2019 they want ANYBODY to vote – US Citizens or illegal immigrants.  They’re THAT desperate to win and keep POWER!

When you hear modern Democrats promising folks “Free Medical Care”,…you should understand the history….

Nothing in life is “FREE” – except your view of the sunset.   BEWARE of people selling SNAKE OIL!

What better way to destroy a Free Republic founded on Christian Principles,  – than to let tens of thousands of Aztec warriors and unlimited poison chemicals pour over our southern border….


Are Global Warming and Climate Change REAL issues,  – or clever distractions and smoke screens?

One Response to “The 21st Century Democrat Party”

  1. Kojack

    As always, Mike, thank you for a REAL history lesson. Great pics!

    It’s also relevant to note that it was FDR, A DEMOCRAP HERO, who began INSTITUTIONALIZING SOCIALISM IN THE USA.