The 2019 Oscars: Who Won? Who Cares?

Posted February 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

They’ve been making ‘message films’ for years now,  – that show in nearly empty theaters.  Their actors stay busy pushing liberal causes,  – and lately bashing Trump.  Now viewership for their awards show hit new lows.

When being edgy, trendy, vulgar and slutty turns off movie-goers, – Americans stop caring about who is up for an Oscar.  Have the left-wing Hollywood liberal elites ignored the mainstream of America,  – and killed their own golden goose?
Younger Americans don’t remember the era when the actors playing heroes on the Silver Screen – were actually real-life wartime heroes,  – with the medals and wounds to prove it,  – and the whole family went to the movies..

One Response to “The 2019 Oscars: Who Won? Who Cares?”

  1. Catherine

    I just loved Neon Revolt’s description: “The Oscars, that annual event where Hollywood fellates itself in front of the entire world…”

    I haven’t watched in a couple of decades. At LEAST.