The 2018 Kid’s March For Tyranny

Posted March 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It was disheartening to witness…   You can be sure most of the 800,000 young people gathered in DC (gleefully reported by the Media) have never read our Constitution.   And you can be equally sure they feel pretty smug about “doing something to get the politician’s attention”.
Did they ever learn about the Bonus Marchers?

During the roaring days of 1924,  a bill had been passed and signed into law authorizing World War One veterans a bonus – to be paid with interest come 1945.

It was a truly nice idea….born of good times….

But in the heart of 1932 – deep into the Depression,  – a movement began to have the Government pay it early…. 

Soon a small ‘army’ of veterans,  their families,  and others totaling 43,000 had assembled in Washington – and were camping in “Hooverville” – in what is now Anacostia Park.  It didn’t end well for them.

The difference between 1932 and 2018,  – is that 86 years ago there was a grain of truth behind the bonus marchers;  – i.e. Congress HAD passed a Bonus Bill,  – it WAS the LAW,  – the Marchers just wanted to collect 13 years early….

But yesterday – sadly, – nearly a million poorly educated young Americans,  – in DC and in many cities,  – were DEMANDING that Government strip them of their God-Given RIGHT to self defense….

If they’d ever been taught any History,  – they’d know what a horrible idea that is,  – and how often throughout History foolish and craven peoples have been willing – even eager – to surrender their freedoms and thus their dignity (and their wives and daughters),  – for the illusion of safety and security.

The list of wealthy people and Hollywood celebrities who FUNDED yesterday’s spectacle are smiling,  – because the sheep were so willing to be led to the slaughter.

Celebrities and corporations jumped on the bandwagon.

Amal & Grorge Clooney,  Oprah,  Jeffrey Katzenberg,  Steven Spielberg,  Gucci,  Justin Bieber,  Gabby Giffords,  Lauren Jaureguo,  Alyssa Milano,  Moms Demand Action,  Amy Schumer and a host of others made HUGE donations….

Funny how many of these mega-wealthy live their lives in walled and gated estates,  – surrounded by ARMED security guards….  

And how many movies has Clooney made where he uses guns…?

Through my sadness as I post this,   I wonder how many of those 800,000 smug young people will take the time to visit either Arlington or the Vietnam Memorial before they return home…

    – take the time to ponder the enormous sacrifice in life,  blood,  and time that has been paid by other young people,  – to give them the freedom to come and Petition Government – in complete safety….


UPDATE:   8:45 PM Sunday 25 March    Virginia-based Digital Design & Imaging Service Inc., which uses aerial photos to calculate crowd sizes, reported the event’s peak crowd size was at 202,796 people around 1 p.m., CBS News reported

5 Responses to “The 2018 Kid’s March For Tyranny”

  1. Panther 6

    Our education system has created a monster in our youth. They condemn guns and the NRA,,,,HUH. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Not one shooting incident to my knowledge was carried out by a member of the NRA? Can anyone refute those facts?

  2. Vic

    Looks like the left is trying their best to recreate Mao’s Cultural Revolution here in America


    Very well stated Vic! (sadly)

  3. Varvara

    BTW, the most shooting, killing, is by suicide.

    No, these children, notice, I did not say young adults, are being led by organizations, not education.

    I still say if we peeled back the layers we will come to Soros just like the women’s march that started in Washington, DC.

  4. Kojack

    Mike, you’re right-on with the title, “The March for Tyranny”. I was thinking exactly the same thing. During the extended coverage afforded by their MSM SCUM-BAG allies, I did not see even 1 American flag carried by the marchers in any of the cities where they were held.

    I have to admit that the attendance numbers of these marches was impressive and left me alarmed, shaken and angry. I know that in part it was due to the emotionally-presented irresistible appeal to the self-centered, impressionable young, PUBLIC EDUCATED BRAINWASHED dupes that most people of that age tend to be. But still, MOST OF THE PEOPLE THERE WERE OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER AND THAT’S SCARY! It doesn’t mean that our side is wrong, it just means that there are a lot more ignorant people out there than I thought.

    I was disappointed to learn that Bob Kraft flew some of the Tyranny Marchers to DC on the Patriots team jet for free. How’s that for irony?!?!? The Patriots jet used to fly Tyranny Marchers!

    To illustrate character, the Tyranny Marchers left every place they were A TOTAL MESS. By contrast the Tea Party in which I was quite active left every gathering place cleaner than when they got there.

  5. integrity 1st

    Another post Mike, Please . . .

    “I was disappointed to learn that Bob Kraft flew some of the Tyranny Marchers to DC on the Patriots team jet for free. How’s that for irony?!?!? The Patriots jet used to fly Tyranny Marchers!”