That Most Magic Hillary Clinton Moment

Posted July 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

A lifetime of lies,…a trail of dead bodies,…Million$ in Arab blood money,…gross negligence with national secrets,…but this moment alone disqualifies her from any future government office.
Hillary Clinton most callous lies
Democrats have practically convinced themselves that the Benghazi Massacre had to have been a Republican plot to destroy their Queen…. They want you to forget.

It was Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013, – 133 long days after the attack and Obama had safely been re-elected, – and outgoing Secretary of State Clinton was testifying before the US Senate….

It was a morning filled with lies, – little ones and big ones, – and slip-sliding evasions.

For so long as you live please remember how this evil woman shrugged off an enormous personal failure – and our national disgrace – as a mere ‘incident’ – from which we are supposed to learn and get better….

Please listen to her screeching lies again,  – you owe that much to Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods!

Why were these men assigned to Benghazi?

They were assigned to round up Qaddafi’s vast arsenal of soviet weaponry – now loose across Libya thanks to Obama’s inept planning,  – and ship them through Turkey to “the good al Qaeda rebels” in Syria.

Sadly it was a fool’s mission….there never were any ‘good Syrian rebels’,  – and we had ZERO business attempting to overthrow Assad’s government – certainly not without an ACT of CONGRESS!

Obama and Hillary were running a rogue and highly illegal operation – by both US Law and by their beloved ‘international law’.


That’s the impeachable offense – worthy of serious jail time.

And THAT’S why rescue attempts were halted.

Once the attack was begun, – thus exposing the existence of the covert operation,….Obama and Hillary wanted these men DEAD, – so that they could never testify….

Try explaining THAT to a Hillaryphile…..

Remember their handy-dandy cover story about a ‘vile anti-Muslim internet video’?   Did you ever believe that crap?Vile anti-muslim videoSusan Liar Rice


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  1. Hawk1776

    All true, but if the Republicans don’t unite behind Trump she will be our next President. So, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, etc., support Trump or learn to love Hillary.