That Cliven Bundy Video EXPOSED

Posted April 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Once again RRB is indebted to our good friend – Conservative blogger Bob Parks of for going past the surface noise and showing the truth, – about what Cliven said, – and how the George Soros outfit Media Matters deliberately twisted it.
Working Parks

Cliven may not be a trained political orator or public speaker, – he’s a cattle rancher; – but on second look he hardly seems to be a racist or a hater! I trust him way more than Obama or Sec-Interior boss Sally Jewell. See the side-by-side:



The ?ber-liberals will continue to buy the government cover story – that Cliven is a tax dodging racist illegally grazing his cattle on “Federal Lands”, where they amuse themselves stomping on endangered tortoises.

And they’ll think it perfectly logical that the BLM should show up 200+ strong with armored cars, sniper teams, and helicopters – to round up those “trespass cattle” – and shoot themand dump the carcasses in a trench. Perfectly logical – for $1 Million in grazing fees….?

Grazing Fees

We’ll never change their minds – until the federal government comes to take their property – maybe their vacation home, – maybe their yacht, – maybe their investment portfolio or their 401K…

But for now, just ponder the massive federal force that came to collect grazing fees – at gunpoint [sniper-point], – and why the Obama-Reid-Soros left suddenly needed to brand Cliven Bundy as a ‘racist’.

You can be sure that Soros now is looking at that “other racist” – that “evil Conservative Uncle Tom, – that damned Bob Parks” – who refuses to fit into the Democrat’s mold for how Black folk are supposed to be grateful to Washington and government. I suspect they’ll be editing more videos….

Big Tango Yankee Bob, – and keep up the fire!

4 Responses to “That Cliven Bundy Video EXPOSED”

  1. Mark

    Call me a racist. I agree with Bundy.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    That Media Matters/Soros relationship is the spear of the Obama cartel propaganda machine. If only there was an honest media investigative journalist, other than Bob, maybe the truth would finally get out. I stick with Cliven!

  3. MC

    BLM = sniper rifles and AR’s .. Has anyone considered the mindset of the BLM employees that were present who would train sniper rifles and attack dogs on folks. women, boys, old men included. “Get back or I will shoot” on unarmed people for a civil claim. Does anyone else remember when cops etc were called PEACE OFFICERS.

    No one is asking why the BLM would pay a Utah cattle wrangler $966,000.00 and another $300,000 to a Utah auctioneer to sell the cattle for a bill that was originally $350,000. I would imagine with salary, overtime, vehicles and eventually disability claims by employees, this bill will total 3 million or more.

  4. Casey Chapman

    They’ll do anything to distract us from the central issue. The federal government’s land grab in every state.