Thanksgiving 2017: We Were Truly Blessed!

Posted November 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Thank you Faithful Readers and Stalwart Patriots!   Happy Thanksgiving!

7 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2017: We Were Truly Blessed!”

  1. Catherine

    Amen! Let us USE this reprieve to pray that His will be done in this country.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mike!


    And to you and yours Stubby Buddy! Hugs!

  2. Rocky


  3. GreenBeretLTC

    We dodged those photo-opped bullets, and continue to dodge more as days go by. But we are greatful to live in this great country, worts and all…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mike. Give Karen and Ian (If he’s with you…) hugs from us.

    Remember: Fratres Aeternam. And this goes to you, too, Panther 6….

  4. Kojack

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Mike, and to all of the regulars on RRB!!!

  5. Migliorini John

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
    May many more years like this continue.

  6. Jim

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mike. I am forever thankful for you and the blog. It is a steady beacon in America.

  7. MC

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. May God Bless Us All with many more days of Peace, and Prosperity —

    & Please God Help our President Drain the Swamp!

    Happy Thanksgiving Mike and family.