Thanks from rr. >100,000 >24,000

Posted June 29th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Yesterday we exceeded 100,000 hits from over 24,000 unique visitors in our first year or so.  Not the busiest site ever on the web, but not bad for two guys from Massachusetts, trying to make a difference.  Much credit goes to ironmike.  He’s tireless and relentless.  He’s outspoken and he’s inflammatory.  I started the rr blog because I thought that we needed a place where we could read the things that others might not publish.  Oh, and we needed a place to vent.  It’s been all that, and more.  We’ve kept up the level of communication and focused on things that needed to be said.  It’s been a very interesting year.  Thanks for helping us get here. rr

One Response to “Thanks from rr. >100,000 >24,000”

  1. ironmike

    Amen Bro! We thank our long-suffering wives, and our corps dedicated agents across the land, – from Officer Walter, to Trooper P, to Prim, to Flik, to Linda & ML, Cuz’in Chaz, and all the others who keep us well supplied with a daily selection of Obamatrocities and socialist skullduggery. There isn’t space for it all, but please keep it coming.

    Thank you readers for clicking in, – and for sharing entries with your liberal friends. It’s their minds and votes we need to change. Thank you for joining in the fight to reclaim our Young Republic from the tyranny of mindless statism and socialist elitism. We have just 125 days until Nov 2nd. Fight like hell!