Thank You Robert Kraft! Class Act!

Posted April 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Robert Kraft is a true patriot – and has always been a classy guy.  It was well within his character to send his private team plane to China to pick up badly needed medical masks.

And it was just so like Charlie Faker to drive over to Logan as the plane was unloading to steal the spotlight…

There he was,  complete with official portable lectern,  sign language interpreter,  and obligatory black female medical person wearing a white lab coat on the rain-swept tarmac…

…and Charlie profusely thanked the Chinese,  – ignoring the harm they did hiding the nature and scope of the Wuhan Coronavirus from the world.

You see, Charlie is planning to run for President in 2024,  – thinking he’s taller than Mike Pence.  He wants to enhance both his crisis management portfolio and his liberal credentials.

So there he was at Logan, taking a photo-op with Bob Kraft’s plane as a backdrop – on the SAME DAY he kowtowed to AG Maura Healey and quietly removed retail gun stores from his approved list of places allowed to remain open.

Robert,  we thank you, the entire Kraft Family,  and the crew of the plane for making that flight.

You sure didn’t need Charlie FAKER photo-bombing your efforts!

3 Responses to “Thank You Robert Kraft! Class Act!”

  1. RINO hunter

    Charlie Faker needs to be kicked out of the MA Republican Party, but that won’t happen because Lyons (MA GOP CHAIRMAN) endorsed him in 2018. We Republicans need to wake up and stop voting for RiNOs. The RiNOs are good at tricking Republicans and Conservative Unenrolled into believing we need to vote for them.

    I believe going forward we need to blank all RiNOs. This can only happen if folks stop acting like puppets, and start thinking for themselves. Check public records, voting records, campaign donation data bases. Find out who the RiNOs are in your city or town, then STOP SUPPORTING RiNOs.. If you stop feeding the beast it will die. May the Lord open our eyes.

  2. Jim Buba

    Having the means and status to follow through where many have failed is indeed commendable.

    Now then, just who is to be responsible should the equipment be found defective, as have so much and many of the PPE from China?

    We already know the Chinese State Response from the complaints of West Asian Union (EU) countries that had received ‘gifts’ and ‘commerce’ from China.

    The masks work, but they don’t fit. The ventilators do not work.

    It doesn’t matter how many or few of any do or don’t, it just goes on and on and on, this garbage from China. You might ask CA Governor what’s-his-name to bear this out.

  3. Walter Knight

    As the plane lands, the Leftist media complains that Craft is a friend of President Trump.



    …does Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, – or even Little Mikey Bloomberg have private jets that could have been sent for masks…?

    How ’bout the Hollywood elites?