Thank You Mother!

Posted May 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It’s been a long, long time… But I think of you often, and usually shake my head that you pulled it off. Thank you!

Mother died – gruesomely and painfully – of cancer in ’66. She just ~ almost ~ finished raising the two kids she’d been left with, – and done it on a widow’s pension and by working 12-hour shifts as a nurse. 

We were fed, clothed, taken to church each Sunday, in scouts, in 4H, and my sister had the piano lessons I didn’t want. Laying helpless, blind, in pain and dying – she helped the nurses aides study for their exams.

3 Responses to “Thank You Mother!”

  1. jlflick

    No EBT card? No ObamaFone? No Federal UEC uplift?

    This is what America once was about. Independent strong-willed proud people doing what they had to do to have a family succeed. She was quite a role model Mike, I can see where your values originate from.

  2. Tom

    God Bless them all, they did it their way and we ate all the better for it.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Mothers of the world shape the world. In ways we cannot even imagine.