Thank You Lord, For What We Still Have!

Posted November 25th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Thank you Lord, for all the things you have given us, especially the things we still have!

Thank you for our Young Republic – so dearly paid for in service, sacrifice, suffering, and blood. Thank you for the wisdom and foresight of our Founders, and for the Constitution they crafted to protect our Liberty and our Nation.

Thank you for the bounty of brave young people still willing to rise up, take arms, and defend our Constitution and our Nation. Please watch over them – for they are doing Your work in the best way they can. They are holding back Evil and giving Hope to millions.  Please, keep them safe, here and in eternity.

Thank you for our opportunity in just 341 days to correct our errors,  and to vote out of office these wanton hedonists who refuse to know You.  To replace them please give us brave and righteous candidates,  man and women willing to kneel before you and ask, “What would Jesus do?  How would Jesus vote?”

Thank you for finally letting our citizens see the face of Evil as it walks the earth amongst us,   – and for giving our family, friends, and neighbors the courage to finally speak up to each other about it.  May their quiet anger reach a crescendo next November 2nd, and come January 2013 may our next president proudly proclaim us a Christian nation,  – and bow only before You.

Please continue to watch over our Young Republic, and all the freedom loving souls who live here.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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