Thank You Jeff Sessions!

Posted March 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

BEST Saint Patrick’s Day present EVER!

7 Responses to “Thank You Jeff Sessions!”

  1. Varvara

    Arrogant is a good word to use. Wonder if he will still be arrogant when he is without a 30 year pension. Think he will be able to get another job?

    =========== Another Job? ===========

    Sure! If he can stay out of Federal Prison, CNN and ABC will compete for him!

  2. Sherox

    This is one of a list of many who need to be axed from their jobs.

  3. Mt Woman

    So ironic, the elite class of liberals call draining the swamp a witch hunt. McCabe deserved to be humiliated and fired for all his cover up antics on behalf of HRC. If one of the liberal groups thought for one moment that their local police dept was discriminating against them, there would be screams of hell to pay. Why then are these same folks bemoaning the firing of McCabe when the FBI was just as corrupt?

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    I’m very surprised that McCabe, an intelligent, well versed federal employee, hasn’t pulled the standard scam of federal employees faced with similar, or other corruption circumstances, and visit a doctor to complain of job related stress and have the doctor issue a psychiatric diagnosis and prescribe mood altering drugs.

    Then the employee would go back to work and fill out an Office of Workers Compensation Program Form CA-2 and claim an occupational disease (job related stess….).

    Then, any action for or against the employee gets postponed because you can’t for or against a guy with an active OWCP claim until the claim is adjudicated, which would take weeks to mobths to finalize. By the time the claim is adjudicated, McCabe would be well past his retirement date…. And God forbid he’s a Disabled Veteran because then Merit Service Prtoection Board (MSPB…) gets involved….

    That’s what we tax payers pay for….

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    So now, some Democrap congressman is offering McCabe a job overseeing his security operation (or something like that….) But therein is the scam….

    A lot depends on how DOJ administers McCabe’s removal from office. If it’s done with loss of benefits, McCabe will be refunded his contributions to his Federal Employees Retirement System account and all he’ll be eligible for is his Social Security benefit at the normal SSA retirement age. If he’s allowed to leave his FERS contributions in his account, then all he has to do is sign up for a short period with this Democrap congressman and he can reapply for retirement and combine his very short congressional employment with his FBI years and collect his pension entitlement.

    So much for violating of his oath of office and then violating FBI policies….

    This is what our tax dollars are paying for….

  6. Sherox

    Seth Moulton is considering hiring this idiot to save his pension!


    PROVING that Seth Moulton (the Blue Falcon) is far more interested in being a high-profile public ASSHOLE than he is in representing his constituents.

  7. GreenBeretLTC

    The latest on this Napolean Complexed, perjuring, prevaricating leaker, even as he’s bagging Comey and preparing to bag others, is that his pension has been saved. But there’s a catch: He can’t reach for it at age 50, as he intended. He’ll now have to wait until 67. He can apply any time after 57, but for each year under 67 he’ll lose 2%, and that would be about $12K of his estimated $60K pension.

    And that’s what we tax payers are paying for…


    You’re developing quite the vocabulary Bro!

    “prevaricating”: You’ll have the average DummyCRAP thinking it’s a compliment!