Thank You Governor Charlie Baker!

Posted November 17th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Baker tells Obama “No Thanks!” on Syrian ‘refugees’!   Whew!Thank Governor Baker
Finally,  some Republican / American BACKBONE in a Massachusetts elected official…  Who knew!?!
Folks, in this ooey-gooey state – this took guts!

Military age refugees

Even with a downed Russian jetliner over the Sinai, – and the Paris massacre last Friday night, – most of our Elected Taxachusetts KleptocRATS in Washington are eager to be part of the ISIS Welcoming Committee.


Senators Squaw and Malarkey and CongressVermin McGovernment and Tsongas want to be ‘charitable’ – handing out EBT Cards, drivers licenses, and voter registration forms as the ‘refugees’ are getting off the boat.

boatloads of unvetted syrians

We sure can’t expect our former Senator Lurch to show any respect of our safety or our state;  – he’s totally for bringing the horde of unvetted ISIS fighters here – it will be another paragraph on his Nobel Peace Prize application

So Charlie Baker – who is pretty ooey-gooey himself on most issues, – has shown genuine courage by saying “NO!”

Legal know-it-alls will quickly point out that immigration is a FEDERAL prerogative, – so while Obama can choose to keep our Southern Border open to Mexican Migration and drug trafficking, – he can also choose to deposit thousands – even tens of thousands – of unvetted ISIS agents into our cities and towns…

“Fuck you very much Americans!”

Syrian refugees on the march

Like legalizing abortion,  marijuana,  illegal Mexicans,  – the issue of Muslim ‘refugees’ will not go away this year,  – or next year,  – or for the next 10 years.  

Democrats want those VOTES!

The terrorists proved in Paris last Friday that they are following Mohammed’s and Mao’s advice – to swim like a fish through the people….
Tsarnaev Brothers

Americans need to remember: the Tsarnaev Brothers were Muslim war ‘refugees’  – very ungrateful ones….

Isn’t it odd,…how ‘War Hero’ Kerry and Obama will try every trick in the book – every legal and illegal maneuver – all the way to the Supreme Court – to keep illegal Mexicans here – and to bring unvetted Syrians here,….

.but somehow after Obama’s 7 years in office, the Veteran’s Administration remains a cesspool of corruption, inefficiency, and bureaucratic indifference – where nobody gets punished and turds get big yearly bonuses…?

Now since we have diplomatic relations with the Castro Brothers, – how many Syrians will Obama deliver to Havana?   

Will McGovernment escort them there?

Castro Brothers

Give Charlie a call, – thank him!    617 725-4005

2 Responses to “Thank You Governor Charlie Baker!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Oh, but the humanity, how about the woman and children, the old people? What, you mean there almost all nubile young strong men, shorn of their facial hair, armed with the latest cell phones, These are the tip of the Trojan Horse, the revenge of Saladin, the soldiers of Mohammed. They should never be allowed in this country, in fact for those extreme jihadist Muslim Mosques and schools, close them down, suspend their rights, incarcerate, if necessary, but get them out of our face and out of circulation. Our lives are on the line!

  2. Varvara

    Ah yes, never let the nose of the camel enter the tent.