Thank You General McChrystal!

Posted June 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

In ancient Greece, a General or Admiral, or even a troublesome philosopher would sometimes spend his last minutes being forced to drink hemlock.  This most often happened upon losing a battle, but sometimes the ruling class would see a threat in a successful general, and find an excuse – “disloyalty” – to end his existence.  No sense in leaving a popular and competent troublemaker around to stir up the opposition.  Today General Stan McChrystal drank a few sips of hemlock.

Per early reports he is out as the Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan. 

With nobody else of suitable stature and experience readily available [none that want to work directly for THE MEssiah] – General David Petraeus will take a slight technical demotion, – relinquish Central Command, and take over Afghanistan once approved by the Senate and NATO.

People ask me “Why would McChrystal be so open with a magazine like Rolling Stone?” 

Simple, he was volunteering to drink the hemlock to reveal to the American voting public how bad things are in the military under Obama. His inner circle of staffers understood this as well, – all knowing that this maneuver could be a career-ender.

For that, Americans, you should be extremely grateful that we still have officers of the caliber that they will “put their ass on the line” – and honor their oath to our Constitution – and their duty to their soldiers and to our country over and above their own career advancement. 

This did not happen during the long torturous Vietnam War.  Almost all officers saw a tour there as a chance to punch two tickets – one leading troops in the field and one in a staff assignment.  The grunts knew what was going on and loathed both the corruption of “the system”, and the officers who put career advancement above any other consideration.  

Not one Vietnam-era general walked up to a microphone and said we were fighting the wrong war in the South, – and that we should take that war North to Hanoi.  So in April 1972, when the NVA came south with five Soviet-style mechanized divisions – ripping the mask off “people’s guerilla war” – the will to resist had already been eroded – not in Vietnam, – but here at home. 

Stanley McChrystal has done us an enormous favor.  He has said in public “This Emperor Has No Clothes”.  He has made it possible for even knee-jerk lefties to admit that Joe Biden is a f^**ing joke, – a buffoon

Thanks to Stan, even the most anti-war “let the bad guys win – so what?” left wingers will be able to start discussing pResidential incompetence as they sit hunched over laptops sipping lattes in Starbucks.  Stan McChrystal has just liberated the American Left!

For the moment there is almost no place to station him.  He’ll sit in the Pentagon or maybe at the War College for awhile – writing after-action reports and being debriefed.  He’ll be in a little danger too, because the executive protection stops now.  He’ll soon be back driving his own car.

He is positioned now to write a book, buy a new home, and think about a career in business, education, industry, or…or politics.  Do you think there are voters ready for an honest no-B.S. US Senator, or even presidential candidate?  Stan, Sir,…would you consider Mass-a-One-Shits

Just guessing, but I think you’ll be seeing a lot fewer occasions when our Undocumented Worker uses our troops as a backdrop for his teleprompter readings.  Let the left-wing soul searching begin!  [Do they have souls?  Or do they just get recycled when they die?  Anybody out there know?] 

Now everybody can see – Obama has no idea what he’s doing!  No clue!  He’s run out of generals,  he can’t fix an oil leak or pick up the mess, – he can’t fix the economy, and he can’t or won’t protect our borders. Only his golf game is said to be improving.

Thank you General Stan McChrystal – for accomplishing your finest mission!


    /s/  Iron Mike
    Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

LBJ and his "Wiz Kids" trying to micro-manage the war in '68

2 Responses to “Thank You General McChrystal!”

  1. B Howell

    Today, on the Fox channel, Brig. Tony Tata (Ret.) spoke up for Stanley McChrystal. He spoke with knowledge, candor and admiration for McChrystal, mentioning that the punishment was more than the crime warranted.

    I wonder, if in the future, there will be a military commentator position open at Fox for Stan McChrystal.

    As for the C in C …………… best I not say anything.

  2. D Landau

    Exceptional Points, I hope you are right!