Thank You Deputy Darren Goforth, RIP

Posted August 29th, 2015 by Iron Mike

EoW: 28 August 2015. Ambushed while fueling his cruiser at a Chevron Station – shot in the back – execution style – as black radicals including Minister Farrakhan have been calling for the murder of Whites and Police.
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
ATTENTION COPS:  This new danger is very real!  Stay ALERT!

Every case,  every murder of a cop – is different.  Some do it because they’re drunk or drugged up,  – some because they fear going back to prison…

Darren Goforth EOW

…but today, as in the late 1960s,…it often happens out of built-up mindless racial hatred.

Yes, – there is a war on cops, and it is being fueled [with seeming impunity] by Black leaders – local and national – like Farrakhan, who cloaks his racial hatreds in the verses of the Koran.

Chevron Station

Deputy Goforth’s killer saw him as an unwary target of opportunity.  Came up behind him,  shot him in the back,  – then stood over him and finished him off…. 

Killer Arrested

In time we’ll learn more about him,…but for now…if you know a Cop…tell them about this blog,…and pointedly,  firmly tell them to BE ALERT There are assholes out there hunting them.

Guys like Farrakhan can make a good living preaching hate and violence – with the occasional public denial that they ever targeted or encouraged the murder of a ~ particular ~ police officer.

Don’t expect Attorney General Loretta Lynch to have Farrakhan arrested, – like Eric Holder before her, – she’s secretly agreeing with him that white people and white cops are racist murderers…

Remember this happened in Houston – just blocks outside Sheila Jackson Lee’s 18th District. Race-baiting is her ONLY political tool….

Sheila Jackson Lee Skittles

UPDATE:  Early evening, Sat, 29 August 2015   Shannon J. Miles arrested and charged with capitol murder. Life will be different for you now Shannon… 

I’m pretty sure Minister Farrakhan and Congresswoman Lee won’t be bringing you any snacks or cigarettes….

Shannon J Miles Capitol Murder

Held without bail…

Shannon J Miles  No Remorse

11 Responses to “Thank You Deputy Darren Goforth, RIP”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This race baiting radical black real terrorists, in a just United States, before the Obamination of our country, would be vilified by press, I would hope, and be charged for their crimes of incitement to riot and murder. The complete governmental apathy towards these race bating criminals is a travesty of justice and freedom. We can only be forever vigilant of these thugs, pack if you have it, but always be conscious of your surroundings, because you may never know when you and your may be the target of opportunity.

  2. Joe

    Only a matter of time before this happened, with all these cops across the U.S. getting away with cold blooded murder. Now there is one less murdering cop on the streets, whoever did this should be held up a hero and protecter if innocent civilians.

  3. MC


    Since there is more black on black crime in the United States than there are any police officer shootings, I would disagree. There is more police officer shootings of whites then there are of blacks, but I am sure you would disagree with the facts.

    I do have a suggestion for you, the next time you or your fellows need assistance. Don’t bitch because the cop took so long to get there, or they didn’t do their jobs correctly. Call a Animal Containment Officer and see what immured response you get.

    PS: Just a tip, if a officer tells you to stop or turn around to get cuffed; DO IT! And if you think you can come at a officer with a gun, a knife, or even rush him with attitude and NOT expect him to defend himself…you are crazier than the guy who didn’t comply.

    Glad you think this asshole is a real hero, Joe because we all know that when he heads to his death in Texas he will be screaming and crying like a baby.

  4. Joe

    I never said was a racial issue, its an abuse of power issue. People get a badge and a gun and then all of a sudden they rhink they are gods and the law doesn’t apply to them anymore. What about when an officer asks someone for their license and.when they turn around to get it they get shot for doing what the cop askes them to do? Or mudering a child with toy gun without even trying to find out what was really going on ot at least telling the child to drop the toy gun, even if for a second they thought it was real they could have drawn there weapons and asked him to drop it? What about the childs family and the way they feel about there child being murdered and his killers getting away with it. Cops are quickly becoming the real criminals, criminals protected by a badge and the law. And i will agree that there are still good cops out there, but they should try to help out weeding out the bad ones instead of protecting them just because they are fellow officers. If i as a citizen was to kill a child who had a toy gun that i thought might be real, do you think i would get off scott free like those cops did? Not a chance. Cops are protected by there badge and they know it and they are abusing the hell out of it. Cops need to be policed now along with the criminals.


    >> “Cops need to be policed now along with the criminals.”

    So tell us “Joe”, is it your idea of ‘Civilian Policing’ for random goons to sneak up on cops and shoot them in the BACK, – then execute them when they’re down?

    How do you know if Deputy Darren Goforth ever unholstered his pistol – in the ten years he served?

    Are you saying that the rare instances of poor police judgment JUSTIFY this cold-blooded random assassination?

  5. Joe

    And i retract my first post, i was made out of anger. The guy isnt a hero and should be punished. It was horrible what he did. But im sure there arw people out there that are getting frustrated with all thats going on, cops murdering and/beating people when the situation could have been handled without resorting to that. And nobody is trying to stop it and the cops that are actually doing wrong aren’t being held accountable. How long do you think that can can continue before more people reach their breaking point. Something major needs to be done to stop any future killings on either side. I mean eventually i wouldn’t be surprised if a war broke out between civilians and cops if no one does anything to stop this crap.

  6. Joe

    No, like i said my first post was made out of anger from another cop/civilian issue. But the good cops out there could help out policing the bad cops. To hell with that brotherhood bullcrap(which sounds alot like gang mentality) and help get rid of the cops, and get cops back to people you can trust, look up to, respect,and know are there to help you. Because of now there is very little trust and respect of cops out there because of all the bad ones making all of them look bad. If.your loved one killed by a cop and you know they werent.doing anything wrong/illegal, wouldn’t you want justice? Because there famalies out there that havent and will never get justice for there loved ones that were wrongfully killed/murdered by police officers.

  7. Joe

    And is is not rare poor police judgement, it is rampant out there like a plague or virus or something. Every time you turn on the news or go online you see it. Its everywhere and something new with some police officer/officers abusing their powers and/or committing crimes and getting away with it.

  8. Joe

    Is it right for police officers to shoot a unarmed man in the back and murder him? Especially when it wasn’t justified? Answer me that. How is that any different then what this guy did? Except for the fact that cops have done it more to civilians than the other way around


    You seem overly high strung and bitter “Joe”; – exactly what was done to YOU or a friend to cause this?

    Which bad police shooting pushed you over the edge, – pushed you so far that you were just praising cold-blooded MURDER?

    Cops don’t start their shifts thinking “Today I’m gonna kill some dude…”

    But this CRAVEN COWARD in Houston seemed to react to a target of opportunity – i.e. he was LOOKING for a cop to kill at random. And in your anger – you PRAISED him.

  9. Joe

    Actually im pretty some cops have came to work wanting to kill someone cuz they know they can. There humans and fall victim to there emotions. They could be having family probelms, financial problems, etc and they take out there stress and frustration out on the first person that doesn’t go along with their bullying. Its a simple fact of poor police traing and screening of new cops coming into the field.instead of trying to resolve an issue with other means they shoot first and ask questions later. And NOBODY seems to give a shit about the innocent people that are killed, they just keep in doing the same thing and dont try speak it or step up and do something to bring these unjustified, sensless killings to and end. It makes it seem like america is on it’s way to a dictatorship where civilians no longer have any rights or freedoms.

  10. Walter Knight

    America’s has the most professional police in the world. ‘Police brutality’ is a phony issue created by a manipulative liberal media creating divisive politics before the next election.

    In other words, liberal fools keep getting fooled.

  11. Louie

    Fuck you Joe. Loser