Thank You Again Doctor George Tolis!

Posted July 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

.Skilled hands..…for my


Republican   heart!

Four years, – how terribly slowly they’ve passed under pResident obamination.

I’d be worm food today if not for the incredible skill and considerable grace of Doctor George Tolis, – who then assured me – I WILL live to piss on Kerry’s grave.

If you ~ even think ~ you have a loved on who might need a valve or a bypass, keep Doc Tolis’ name and number [better yet – print out this blog] in your wallet, on your cell phone, by your phones at home and work.

Maybe George can’t bring ’em back from the dead; – but he’ll damn sure jump on top of the open coffin to try! 

World Class Assholes

Every time some utter asshole does something bad around our state, our nation, or the world, – I look at the very thin shadow of a scar down my chest – and I think of George – and thousands like him – who perform seeming miracles on a daily basis.

In the end, I believe humanity, though flawed, – is mostly good. George? He is the hand of God – here on earth – to give you or your loved one a few more decades to enjoy life – and do something good with it!

Tell him Iron Mike referred you!

George is with Saint Elsewhere [are you old enough…?]

St Elizabeth Center for Advanced Cardiac Surgery
11 Nevins Street, Brighton, MA  02135
617  789-2045

UPDATE: July 2014  Doctor Tolis is now at Mass General Phone 617 724-0800

UPDATE: Dec 2015  New photo….

Doc George Tolis Dec 2015

2 Responses to “Thank You Again Doctor George Tolis!”

  1. Harry Huckum

    I remember St. Elsewhere. That was back in the old days when politician’s weren’t hell bent on destroying health care. How I long to be back there.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Hopefully, I’ll never need his services with my Yugo style health insurance.