Thank GOD! Trump GETS It!

Posted January 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Yes Snowflakes,  – those ARE shithole countries:  – Haiti, El Salvador, and Kenya.  They’ve been run for years by thugs, warlords, goons, and thieves.  It’s exactly why people want to leave.

BUT that fact doesn’t obligate the United States to take in ANY of those folks.  Trump is right – it’s not in our national interest,  – they’ll be a drain on our economy,…and they’ll bring their Third World Values here – and will soon demand their own special recognition.

We’ve suffered enough with a problem import from Kenya….

.we sure don’t need any overflow from their ongoing Muslim insurgency…

Most Liberals (LibTurds) in America can’t tell you about when the US Marines went to Haiti – or why; – – or tell you about Papa Doc and Baby Doc…or why for decades gay men went to Haiti….

And they CAN’T … or WON’T tell you how the Clintons ripped off the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund….

.they just want a fresh influx of ignorant Democrat voters….

Haiti, Kenya, El Salvador, Mexico,…Democrats don’t care…so long as the immigrants become EBT Card dependent,…and vote Democrat!

Ask a LibTurd to explain MS-13 and Bario 18…..and how these “Young Dreamers” will make America stronger….

11 Responses to “Thank GOD! Trump GETS It!”

  1. jim morose

    I guess the fake news can’t tell the difference between Sh–hole country and sh–hole people. I mean they can tell the difference for liberal socialist establishment elitists, but not for Trump and other truthers splashing the swamp waters. Splish splash I was taking a bath is unconstitutional drivel. Happy New Year…..

  2. Varvara

    The Clintons ripped off the Earthquake Relief Fund. Yes, the Clintons. Again. Still. They promised to build 3000 new homes. They built 900. These were not built were the most damage was done but up on a small hill on the northern side of the island, were people who worked for the Clintons lived.
    These workers had jobs with companies that had dealings with the anointed ones.

  3. Leonard Mead

    It is SO MUCH FUN watching the liberal’s heads exploding.


    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  4. Mt Woman

    Trump was not referring to the people (although some do wear the the title of S-hole well) nor was he referring to the natural topography of these failing nations. He was referring to the socio-political environments that has taken opportunity and liberty from the inhabitants of these failed states.

  5. Kojack

    A LEGAL Haitian immigrant called in to the morning talk-show on WRKO. What he said and was upset about reflects my experience with 99% of the Hispanics I know personally. They come here with no skills, uneducated and many can barely speak English and aren’t even interested in learning or assimilating at all. They get the FULL TSARNAEV and the 1st thing they do when they buy an Audi or other hi-end vehicle(on our dime) is hang the flag of the SHIT-HOLE they came from on the rear view mirror.

    At my previous job at a company making cutting edge spectrometry equipment, there were a lot of Cambodians and Hispanics from different countries. When they went back to visit family, the Cambodians would say “I’m going to Cambodia to visit family”. The Hispanics (every one of them) would say “I’m going back to MY COUNTRY”. And BTW, most of the Cambodians were pro-Trump where-as the Hispanics loathed him. Very telling.

  6. Paul J Baldi

    Mike, I refer to those areas as “turd world” countries.
    Seems appropriate!


    Just keep marveling at the sheer accident that caused a Christian-based private-property respecting culture to be established here – free of the decrees of kings – and grow to become the mighty United States….

    Certainly God was smiling on us!

    Sadly some Americans want to try to ‘equalize the outcome’ – so that everybody is equally rich (or poor – as in Venezuela or Haiti or Cuba), – and they’re not smart enough or honest enough to look at the evidence.

  7. Catherine

    Until you try to understand the principles underpinning the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you will NEVER understand that these “turd world” (great term) countries CANNOT EVER improve.

    That has NOTHING to do with utterly irrelevant issues like skin color. It DOES have a basis in religion. All cultures are NOT the same. Any culture that does not respect individuals and private property will ALWAYS devolve into thug-run hellholes. Which means if the underlying religion does not respect those two crucial items, you will see more thuggery, poverty, desperation. The laws of those countries will not support what the culture’s underlying faith does not recognize.

  8. Sonny's Mom

    Third World countries where people literally eat dirt to survive.

    There are development and relief projects in these countries. And yet the people there seem incapable of lifting themselves and their societies out of these terrible conditions. They expect their politicians to solve their nations’ problems, but of course these corrupt swamp denizens have no desire to institute meaningful reforms.

    And then there’s the detestable left, that condemns social reforms and advances in self-government and free enterprise as “white”.

  9. Walter Knight

    So now we can’t say pussy or shit-hole?

  10. Hawk1776

    Trump’s rhetoric, if that’s what he really said, was inappropriate for a President. That’s not to say it wasn’t true.

  11. Blossom Stiefel

    Another day, another made up moral outrage. the media and many on the left have gotten themselves into a frenzy because they need a reason to bash President Trump, and deflect from the great work that he does almost every day. Former President Obama referred to Libya with the same language, any outrage about that?. Many presidents have used this language, not a peep from the media. Such a blatant double standard.

    President Trump shouldn’t give the left the ammunition that they are desperately looking for to degrade the great work that he does.