Thank GOD For Trey Gowdy!

Posted January 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

One of the last outspoken, fearless, and fully qualified voices to speak for the American People on the floor of the House!   Here he is on the Chris Wallace show,  and Chris cannot help but ooze his pro-Hillary / anti-Trump bias.

As a lifetime (
2nd generation) media mouth,  – Wallace was invested in a second Clinton Presidency,  – and the chance to begin every story for 4 years with the words “Our first woman President”; …but that hope got snuffed out by the American People, – who had already seen enough corruption, – even if they didn’t understand all the moving parts:

Remember that California Democrat Adam Schiff (Burbank) is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee (which oversees the FISA Court).

Schiff has taken the lead in trying to obscure the leaks coming out of the FBI and the DOJ about the FBI using the fake FusionGPS dossier to get a FISA warrant and the anti-Trump activities of the lovers who spent over a year scheming to ensure Hillary’s win, – despite several FBI investigations.

Schiff sees his loyalty to the Democrat Partynot to his OATH,  – so he’s been throwing smoke bombs for over a year!  

In simple words – he is a TRAITOR!

It will take an effort beyond Heroic to clean the Evil out of Congress and our Federal Government.

Or,…it may take a bloody revolution….

3 Responses to “Thank GOD For Trey Gowdy!”

  1. Walter Knight

    LQQKS like Christ Wallace doesn’t want to know.

  2. John "Ben" Beninati

    Wallace is a snake.

  3. Jim

    Does any human look shiftier or slimier or lecherous than Schiff? How does anyone vote for this guy? And, thank God for Trey Gowdy.