Thank God For Our Enlightened Celebrities!

Posted June 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

What would our poor nation do – without these ephemeral celebrities taking time out from their meteoric careers to show us the way forward?

Funny how all these EXPERTS who want to defund / re-engineer our local police departments have NEVER served a day in ANY uniform (high school band doesn’t count),  – NEVER personally faced down danger or death, – NEVER voluntarily placed their own lives at risk for others,  – and NEVER had to arrest and transport a violent criminal.  Many don’t even know how to use FIREARMS,  and can’t shoot straight.

But,  with their combined EXPERTISE,  – they all want to START a DISCUSSION and VOTE to change a system that works well to keep us safe. 

Maybe they want an ObamaCare kind of Police?

Of course they’re speaking out – signing letters and going on TV,  – out of a deep concern for maintaining safe communities.   Or, ~ maybe ~ they need the air time?

Never mind that they live in gated communities or tony exclusive town-houses – far removed from the poor neighborhoods where the crime happens, – hourly.

Today both celebrities and small-town Know-it-ALLs have a NEW CRUSADE,  – defunding, dismantling,  and re-engineering your local police force.

You better speak up and get involved,  – because bad ideas catch on really fast with stupid voters and Democrats (I know – redundancy there…),  and your local police force just might disappear in a puff of liberal smoke one night at Town Meeting.

One Response to “Thank God For Our Enlightened Celebrities!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Somebody, please….tell me who these three clowns are!