Thank God For Chuck Grassley!

Posted March 20th, 2015 by Iron Mike

America’s 2nd Oldest Senator smells treason,  and he’s trying to expose it.
Senator Grassley smells the treason

He’s going after John Kerry’s treasonous State Department for the insider records on Hillary’s bosom buddy [and possible lesbian lover] Huma Abedin – and what kind of access she had as Hillary’s ‘Special Assistant’. He’s really trying to peel away the layers…



Huma Abedin has been a close Hillary confidant and ‘special assistant’ for nearly 20 years…

Huma Abedin  special assistant

Her parents Saleha Mahmood Abedin and her father [died in ’97] were founding members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s IMMA – where mom still works as an editor.

The IMMA is dedicated to converting all Muslim minority countries into Muslim MAJORITY countries,…without borders….

IMMA  Huma Abedin

The big guy behind IMMA today is Saudi Boy Scout Leader, chemist and geologist Abdullah Omar Naseef, – who is also the major financier of al-Qaeda. Yeah, THAT al-Qaeda!

And you wonder how much money was transferred into Clinton bank accounts during her 4 years at State? How about her 8 years in the US Senate? How about her 8 years in the White House…?

Clinton Global Inniative

How much Saudi money [our oil money] soothed her hurt feelings as Bill went into the closet with Monica?

What naïve part of you still believes the Hillary candidacy is all about the United States electing the “First Woman President”?

How about the “First Woman Trojan Horse President” –

– to follow the “First Muslim Trojan Horse President”?

Wake up and smell the treason!

Grassley has! He’s going after Huma’s records as a direct employee of the Teneo Holdings, – a front company founded by Bill Clinton’s lackey Douglas J. Band….. – while she worked for Hillary at the State Department, and had access to all those secrets….

Oh, Huma’s sister Heba…? Still working with Mom at IMMA!

Now you just gotta ask yourself,…why would a nice Muslim girl from such a fundamentalist family,…marry a Jewish Congressman from New York City,…unless

Huma Abedin  web of treason

As you read this – know that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and their front mouthpiece CAIR are well entrenched in Obama’s White House staff, the State Department, the Justice Department, and Homeland Security,…because we are ‘so inclusive’

Guess what Huma was paid while at State……

7 Responses to “Thank God For Chuck Grassley!”

  1. FLICK

    Anyone else feel a mysterious plane crash coming soon?

  2. Varvara

    I’ve always asked – why hasn’t Huma be killed for marrying a Jewish man ???? There has to be a reason. Also, when her mother, Saleha, came to NYC a short while ago, she did not wear head covering. She was seen, photo taken, running into a building, trying to pass as modern. Saleha was one of the founders of The Muslim Sisterhood.

  3. kojack

    And then there is STILL…Bengahzi.

  4. TB

    Thank you Iron Mike for keeping us informed. I hadn’t seen this anywhere else (busy at the day job!)

  5. KDK

    Just take a look at that wedding photo. Does that look like a happy new bride? That stare looks pretty cold and angry to me

  6. Jim Gettens

    Hey, how ’bout this as the perfect solution: Shrillary for President of the Island of Lesbos?!