Texas-Sized Prison Riot

Posted February 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Everything is bigger in Texas, and today folk there are probably very glad that Wendy Davis is not their governor.  She wouldn’t have know what to do.
Willacy County Correctional

Willacy County Correctional
– Raymondville, Texas, – just 30 miles north of the Mexican Border, is a federal prison run by private contractor Management & Training Corporation. There are some 2,800 federal prisoners there – and about 2,000 of them have been in riot mode for three days


The good news is that no prisoners breached the outer perimeter, – there was no mass prison break. The worst of the trouble-makers will be relocated to other prisons.

And will Eric Holder be on site?

I doubt it. He has ZERO interest in prisoners – who cannot vote. And he’s well aware that anybody who is in the Federal Prison System pretty much deserves to be there – with a sentence way longer than the one they’re actually serving.

Last year the ACLU was on site in Willacy – they didn’t like the big tents used to house the inmates, – they said they were overcrowded and smelly.

This riot seems to have begun Friday morning – when prisoners refused to eat breakfast or report for work details. Their alleged grievance is poor medical treatment.


Most Americans give little if any thought to our prison systems – federal or state.  BUT, nearly 1% of adult Americans are in prison today.

Americans in Prison

Part of the reason is better law enforcement and better crime-solving techniques – fingerprints, DNA, photo recognition, and the much wider use of surveillance and security video, – which captures a lot of idiots in their criminal acts.

The increased acceptance and use of drugs by Americans means more criminals, – and the lack of a Death Penalty in many states emboldens fools and thugs.

Prison Recruiting

Today, many of our prisons are breeding and recruiting grounds of Islamic radicals – like the Muslim Brotherhood.  Over the next 20 – 30 years – we will reap the bitter harvest of that Muslim recruiting.

While Carlos Bledsoe [ aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad] wasn’t converted in a US prison, – he was raised in a Baptist family,  converted in a local Memphis mosque,  – traveled to Yemen; – where he was jailed for several months for overstaying his visa.

On June 1st 2009, he shot up the Little Rock recruiting station, – killing one soldier and wounding another.

Carlos Bledsoe  Little Rock

Act and actions that Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and the ooey-gooey left-wing MoonBat ‘Coexist’ apologists of Islam want dealt with in the court system – are in fact ACTS of WAR!

At some point, when America wakes up and realizes that radical Islam is at WAR with us – with ALL OF US – we just might see some laws changed to broaden the definition of Illegal Combatant, Espionage, and Treason; – and make them subject to military tribunals, – and punishable by firing squad.

Meanwhile, I wonder what Jihad cells have been started in south Texas – which will now be bussed around to other federal prisons.

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  1. Jim Buba

    I do get a kick out of prisoner stats.

    Given the 2012 tally sheet, it seems that some 51,000,000 Americans belong in prison.

    As well, I believe the only good thing about Turkey is their prison system. Find them guilty, put them in jail and let their ‘loved ones and relatives’ support them. The bill, the food and of course the money they will need to buy favors and avoid the ultimate penalty.

    The rest of Turkey is a total waste of time… and money.