Terrorists, Hoaxers, Or ASSHOLES?

Posted December 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

As I post this the Nashua, New Hampshire schools are closed due to “a credible threat”.   Will it turn out to be genuine terrorism,  a hoax,  – or a stupid kid’s prank to get out of a test…?

The art of hoaxing has rapidly escalated from Ahmed Mohamed – the Texas ‘Clock Boy’, – to a bomb threat that shut down the entire Los Angeles school system, – now to a fake bomb that forced down an Air France flight over Africa.

LA Threat

What kind of people attack schools? Losers! Retards and Muslims.
Beslan 2004

Bath Consolidated 1927 bombs Andrew Kehoe tax issues

Columbine High 1999 – guns – Klebold & Harris retards

Beslan, Russia 2004 – guns & bombs – Chechen Muslims

Virginia Tech 2007 – guns – Seung-Hui Cho – Korean misfit / retard

Sandy Hook 2012 – guns – Adam Lanza – retard

Merced College 2015 – knife – Faisal Mohammad    Islam

Losers  retards and Muslims...

Are hoaxes the new way for perverts to inflict terror on the general population – by making air travel and school suddenly dangerous?

If they can close down the entire LA School System – 650,000 students – and force airliners to abort flights in midair, – their terrorism seems to be working.

What should be the appropriate penalty?

My vote would be the Death Penalty. Inflicting terror on 650,000 school kids, – and their families – doesn’t equate in my mind for fixing by counseling, rehabilitation, or parole.  A quick trial and a quick public hanging seem just about right.

Texas ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed didn’t make a clock. He made a TIMER! But instead of being sent to a reform school – he got a White House visit with Obama – was declared the ‘victim’ of racial profiling, – and is now suing for a $15 Million apology from Irving Texas.  Wanna bet in a few years we’ll see him in an ISIS video…?

Clock Boy meets Obama

This photo-op and chiding of Americans on the issues of profiling was a huge blunder by America’s Muslim pResident. His FIRST reaction was to shield a Muslim trouble-maker, – declare him a ‘VICTIM’ – and praise his ‘clock’.

Once again Obama was operating and speaking without the FACTS.

Let’s start getting very tough on hoaxers. Minimum 10 years in prison – and if they are a minor – minimum 3 years for their parents…. Should be enough to get a lot of blasé parents to start paying attention to what their kids are up to….

Muslims attack everywhere

2 Responses to “Terrorists, Hoaxers, Or ASSHOLES?”

  1. Catherine

    I am a big proponent of public hanging for crimes of terrorism and that includes terrorist-style hoaxes. “Clock boy” – not having caused school closures or injuries – could get off with public flogging. (He would have gotten MUCH WORSE in a sharia-compliant country had he caused upheaval there; he’d best be careful in his new digs.)

  2. panther6

    I agree with Catherine. Public hanging works for major hoax crimes but also flogging for minor meets my criteria. BUT hoaxers and assholes must be punished harshly and the punishment must be announced and publicized. That might deter some BUT not all who think they are too smart to get caught.