Terrorism At NAS Pensacola!

Posted December 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

As always,  even the “friendly Muslims” can’t be trusted!

UPDATE:  Shooter has been IDed as Saudi 2Lt Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani here in pilot training.

This is the ungrateful back-stabbing goat fucker:

2 Responses to “Terrorism At NAS Pensacola!”

  1. Sandeep Kumar

    I must protest in the most strenuous possible manner the linking of this man in any way to goat fucking, which is an honorable activity between consenting goats and the most discrete of gentlemen. I come from a long line of bakharchodu’s, and none of us has any interest in flight training.

    You will be hearing from our barrister in due course.

  2. Kojack

    Saudi Arabia is not our friend. No muslim country is in the long term. I understand that the Saudis oppose the Iranian influence in the region and that they buy a lot of weaponry from us but they should not be receiving the same level of training as the U.S. armed services. The instruction they do receive should be over there. Saudi Arabia exports wahabism, the most violent form of islam. It is revealing that in all of Saudi Arabia there is not one church or synagogue because any other religion is against the law.