Terror Terror Everywhere!

Posted August 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Bin Laden’s vision of awakening his sleeping masses is coming true – and even in Hell he’s smiling!

Still,  across most of Europe and America,  liberal leadersstuck in their late-20th Century globalist mindset – are unable to fathom the evil or face the danger.

So you don’t want to be an Islamophobe?  You don’t want to ‘blame all Muslims for the actions of a few’?

Really?  What has changed since 1492 – when Columbus took 88 men on a voyage westward – because sailing east meant near-certain death an the hands of the Muslims?

Yes, the Muslims had control of the spice trade – and Europe needed those spices to preserve meat,…but those Muslims were diabolically committed to killing any and all Christians they encountered,  and they were maniacal about it.

Better to risk sailing off the edge of the earth – or encountering the Kraken? Yeah!

Today Liberals are busy trying to embrace and welcome Muslims into our culture for the exact same reason they are against the Death Penalty.  In their mindless liberal hearts they need to believe that good can conquer evil,  and a welcoming loving hand can turn the most diabolical hardened killers into productive citizens.

They refuse to believe that some men are evil,  – just as they refuse to believe that Muslims want them swept from the earth.

So they cling to their fairy tale,  and killers escape from prison, – and Muslim ‘refugees’ rent vans,  – or just steal them – and drive into crowds

No need to hijack airplanes anymore.

No,  ALL Muslims aren’t trying to kill us;  – just enough to cost us to totally change our way of life.  Flown anywhere recently – say since 9/11?

But Liberals are hard to convince.   Just seven (7) years after 9/11,  they wanted to show the world how welcoming they could be of strangers – and elected a totally unvetted Muslim as our president….

…and immediately after the Benghazi Massacre – they re-elected him!

And most of them to this very day are in complete denial.  In fact – they came damn close to electing Hillary – despite knowing about all her Arab money.

Even today MassHole LibTurds – still mindless of the evils of Radical Islam – want us to accept an endless stream of ‘refugees’….

Now the alt-Left is trying to make you feel guilty for being White,  – for having profited in some vague way from 19th Century slavery,  – and for being Islamophobic.

And ~ somehow ~ the fact that you own a personal firearm means you’re part of the “gun violence” sweeping through America’s Democrat-controlled inner city neighborhoods…?

At what point do common-sense American Patriots stand up and say “Enough with this liberal bullshit! It’s KILLING us!”…?

For the past several WEEKS the Left,  their Media pals,  and the various militant Black groups have been trying to convince you that 90+ year old STATUES and STREET NAMES are an imminent threat to racial harmony in America?

NO!   It’s all a pretext to stir up civil unrest and street violence!

America has 5 enemies right now:   Radical IslamChina,  the Soros-funded radical left,  the Propaganda Ministry,  – and unionized school teachers in our public schools.

No Fools,  Global Warming was a left-wing HOAX!

Until average God-fearing Christians and left-leaning Jews WAKE UP,   we are on a slow but certain collision course with a race-based civil war. 

Even Donald Trump cannot save a people who refuse to understand or even give a shit!

Until the rest of America wakes up – you may want to avoid crowds anywhere a Muslim goon might want to drive a truck onto the sidewalk – or fling a pressure cooker bomb.  They aren’t bothering with flying lessons anymore!

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