Tense Days For Clapper And Schiff

Posted May 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

STANDOFF:   Who will release first – Schiff or Grenell?
Even as we post this entry,  Acting DNI Richard Grenell is about to release 6,000 pages of interview transcripts,  – proving there was NEVER any evidence of “Trump-Russia Collusion”.

These became the basis of “evidence” against Trump,  and the basis of the Democrat’s 2018 propaganda campaign, – which ended up in the Republicans losing the House.  They will likely prove that both Adam Schiff and James Clapper committed perjury and treason.

Democrats absolutely hate John Ratcliffe – he was a staunch and outspoken defender of Trump against the treasonous impeachment attempt.

But many may vote to confirm him anyway,  – fearing who Trump might nominate instead,  – who would even more viciously go after their swamp creatures

Obama toady James Clapper was the DNI from August 5th 2010 to January 20th 2017,  – and he was the KEY WITNESS about “Russian meddling and Russian interference”.

The nicest thing you could say about Clapper is that he does a good job of shaving his lying head.

Another person who should be nervous these days is former Navy SEAL Admiral Joseph Maguire, – who Trump hired as the DNI last August.

Maguire proved inept,  disloyal,  and in way over his head, – and he failed to clean up the Office.

Worse,  he let political wannabe Shelby Pierson off her leash,  – and she promptly went around telling anybody who would listen (CNN, etc) that the Russians were fixing to interfere again,  – in the 2020 elections,  – and on behalf of Trump. 

If Schiff had a shred of honor left – he’d take a short walk into the woods with a pistol.

But he knows the brain-dead libturds of California’s 28th Congressional District will re-elect him for life.

3 Responses to “Tense Days For Clapper And Schiff”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Regrettably, other than weak-to-absent press coverage, I don’t see much retribution, or even justice, coming from these and future revelations. Republican politicians simply lack the killer instinct that Dumbocrats (My apology to Walt Disney and Dumbo….) employ at will anytime they sense blood in the water.

    Rep. Schitt is a piece of schiff. What’s amazing is if we lie to Congress, we go to prison. That congress-turd lied to us and he gets a pass. But, as you say, Mike, California 28 will return that turd to Congress and the beat will go on. I’d speculate he’s lucky assassinating a government official is a capital offense.

  2. Ben

    I agree with GreenBeret. The liberals seem to get off with a mild tongue lashing and go right back to their lying ways. Trouble with that they get voted back in office . they need to be stomped on.

  3. Kojack

    I second GB LTC’s excellent comment. Even though the GOP does seem to be growing a spine under the evil orange man’s leadership it hasn’t developed enough yet to generate anything other than a firm slap on the wrist.

    We can only hope that there will be more meaningful changes if significant gains are made on November 3rd.