Ten RepubliCRATs Turn Against Their OATH!

Posted October 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Once again – in the panic and hysteria of a crisis,  – we see otherwise good people making stupid decisions.  Some are vote-scared,  – others are just weak-minded souls reacting to the Las Vegas massacre exactly like Democrats,  – thinking that some LAW can magically stop the next madman.

They need to hear from us!  They need an infusion of BACKBONE!

The Turncoat Ringleader is Carlos Curbelo – already suspect for his backers,  – and his soft position on illegal immigrants.

Gee,…Romney, Biden and Jeb Bush,…

….could anybody have seen THAT coming?

Having watched good men die for their OATHS,  I am always both angered and saddened to watch other men (yes,…and women) take their OATHS as some mere formality,  – neither understanding the meaning of the words,  – nor ever intending to honor them.


Here are the phone numbers of the turncoats.

Carlos Curbelo – FL    202  225-2778

Peter King – NY           202  225-7896

Leonard Lance – NJ   202  225-5361

Patrick Meehan – PA  202  225-2011

Ed Royce – CA           202  225-4111

Chris Smith – NJ        202  225-3765

Erik Paulsen – MN     202  225-2871

Ryan Costello – PA    202  225-4315

Ilena Ros-Lehtinen – FL   202  225-3931

Charlie Dent – PA      202 225-6411

Call, – and REMIND these lost souls – that they took an OATH!

7 Responses to “Ten RepubliCRATs Turn Against Their OATH!”

  1. Panther 6

    Was not aware of Carlos Curbelo, but I will call just for the heck of it. As for Ilena Ros-L ,,,well she has her good moments but this isn’t one of them. We send these idiots to D.C.to represent us and protect us – then they get sucked into the HOW DO I KEEP RIDING THIS GRAVY TRAIN FOR MY BENEFIT. They all need to go

  2. FLICK

    One down, many to go.


  3. Adam R.

    All you have to do is look at the Presidential results by congressional district. Many of those areas (Fullerton, Philly suburbs, Miami) went to Clinton.

  4. Walter Knight

    Banning rate-increasing-devices will probably pass, with NRA and public support. Fearing that a law banning rate-increasing-devices will overreach is paranoid. Of coarse liberals want to ban all guns. But, that doesn’t mean reasonable laws can’t be passed.

    Any company manufacturing rate-increasing-devices will be sued out of business anyway. The lawsuits have already been filed. I see their fear, but this video is deceptive.

  5. Kojack

    Mike, thanks for posting this video. I myself was suckered into thinking that this was reasonable regulation. I had no idea that a TECHNIQUE would accomplish the same thing as the Bump Stock device. This is DEFINITELY AN INTENTIONAL ATTEMPTED OVER-REACH THRU ARBITRARY DEFINITION BY THE USUAL SUSPECTS AND THEIR RiNO ALLIES!!!

    That being said, I DON’T THINK PRESIDENT TRUMP USED US; I BELIEVE HE IS ON OUR SIDE. HE JUST NEEDS TO BE INFORMED OF THE DETAILS. Him and Wayne LaPierre need to have a serious discussion about this before he backs this nebulous, intentionally vague legislation.

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Ros-Lehtenin isn’t running again, and local media are gloating that her district went for Hillary last November.

    Here’s a couple interesting comments posted by Ammoland reader Jim M., in response to those disappointed with NRA leadership’s position on this issue:

    • “Joining the NRA is not a mistake. The mistake is not staying in contact with the NRA-ILA and not expressing your personal opinions directly to your local, state and federal representatives. Making a few calls to your local media helps too.”
    [He must live in a red state… but weighing in on our local conservative news and social media can help educate others who are not well informed on 2A issues.]


    • “Join the NRA as a Life member or a Five Year member and you can vote for the Directors you want. The Directors can fire the Executive staff. Not a member? You have zero grounds to bitch.”

  7. Sonny's Mom

    Iron Mike: the video narrator says Curbelo’s co-sponsor is our very own Seth Moulton.


    Yep! The pussiest ex-Marine since John Murtha!