“Tell On Trump”: By Univision

Posted February 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Not a full month in office,  and Trump faces the dark forces of Communism and the Aztlan Invasion.

Univision subsidiary Gizmodo Media (formerly Gawker) has a web site which asks government employees in sensitive jobs to spill White House secrets.

Somehow I think this constitutes active espionage, – and the FBI should round them up.

8 Responses to ““Tell On Trump”: By Univision”

  1. Leonard Mead

    The new “loyal opposition?”
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Catherine

    FBI and Secret Service – some of what might be spilled could potentially endanger the President, Vice President, or their families.

    Right now, I trust the Secret Service more than the FBI; not enough swamp-draining has yet been accomplished.

  3. Panther 6

    The loyal opposition is NOT loyal but they sure are opposition. I believe if Mr. Trump can stay the course this will change as his picks to run things get up and running, no pun intended. In my midget mind what is going on in D.C. today borders on treason and some heads should role.

  4. Raymond Smithson

    Why didn’t the Kenyon boy get all the crap that Donald is getting now? Maybe it’s true about the Govt. they is all crap heads, and now we the people are now getting it together why not give the Kenyon boy his due, and check all his RECORDS , let’s see who he really is.

  5. Raymond Smithson

    One more thing , if an exec.order can cancel an exec.order, Donald should make an exec. order to open The Kenyon boy’s records.

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    QUESTION: Does anyone have a method to FLOOD their mailbox with income debris of all kinds of wild things? For example, tell them Donald is really from the future, or he eats glass crystals and converts them to nuclear energy and you’ve seen him melt people with the power flowing from his fingertips? Or how about we say he owns a robotic dog that you specifically saw pee three times right where Monica used to crawl.

    This could be fun!

  7. Sherox

    Lonnie, I think that is a great idea. Time to play the other side.

  8. Clinton ma tea party

    We need to make the liberals not relevant because they are not. Whenever they speak we should kick the soap box they are standing on from underneath them. They are clowns and need to be shown for what they are socialist anti-American Communist. They are working against our country making them enemy combatants. Lonnie you are spot on.