Ted Cruz Mobbed At DC Restaurant

Posted September 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The George Soros Socialist Soldiers descended as a flash mob on Senator Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi eating dinner at the Italian restaurant Fiola on Pennsylvania Avenue last night.  They began shouting “We believe survivors!”

This is manufactured hatred – likely paid-for demonstrators,  – who could only hope for a judge as fair as Kavanaugh if their case was ever to go to court. brief video:

The business of Planned Parenthood getting paid by the taxpayers to kill babies is so LUCRTIVE,  – that the Dems who get PAID campaign money by them will destroy any decent man – and his family – who might somehow overturn Roe v Wade.

It should tell you a LOT about the party founded to preserve slavery. They are EVIL!

Folks, PLEASE take time to explain the background of what’s going on to your kids and grand kids – even the young teenage ones.

This is History playing out before our eyes,  and they need to understand that it is the classic struggle between good and evil – between the forces of darkness against the people who believe in God.

The young adults who made up last night’s flash mob are merely paid-for foot soldiers – expendable millennials so poorly educated they cannot see or understand how they’re being used.

Our Founders understood History,  – they understood the scary power of mobs and emotional responses to misinformation and half-truths…

…so they wrote our Constitution to protect both individuals and our Republic from such mob rule.

Our duty is to remain vigilant and informed – and READY!

4 Responses to “Ted Cruz Mobbed At DC Restaurant”

  1. hddan

    I have mentioned this before on this site. I am very grateful to a teacher at Grafton St. Junior High School in Worcester MA who taught my seventh grade civics course. He explained in detail how our REPUBLIC works and he explained about our Constitution. Today’s scholars learn absolutely nothing about any of this. They call our country a “Democracy”, which it is not. Benjamin Franklin described “Democracy” as mob rule. That is precisely what we are witnessing now in these confirmation hearings. The Republicans should finally grow a set of balls and confirm him now!

  2. Panther 6

    Agree 100% with hddan on this one. It is time the Republicans in Congress got some balls and stopped this criminal trashing of Brett Kavanaugh and such outlandish activity as disrupting folks eating a meal in a public eatery. Looks like Soros or BHO through the OFA organization behind this. Confirm Kavanough NOW.

    Mike is right, Planned Parenthood is a trough of taxpayer money going back to evil politicians. Taxpayer support of PP should end. Let them make it on their own,,,I think they would be out of business soon enough.

  3. TomLeeM

    If I was the owner of the restaurant, I would have told the ‘mob’ that they had to leave and to stop harassing the customers. If they didn’t leave, I would call the police and have them escorted out. I would tell them they had no right to harass the customers of the restaurant. It is a shame that Cruz could not eat there in peace.

  4. Walter Knight

    It’s good to have a rent-a-mob appear once in a while to remind us who the enemy is.