Teacher-Mooonbats vote D!

Posted November 3rd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

The rest of the country saw what’s going on. They saw our country being stolen. They took action last night.  All across this land citizens started taking back America.

Not so, Massachusetts.  Once again, teachers, unions (wait, they’re the same) and moonbats (oh, wait, they’re the same, too) voted in lock-step doing as they were told by the union leadership.  Showing that they can’t think for themselves, that they’re just puppets to the union leadership, that they’re own self-interest (to protect their precious pensions at our expense) took control.

And they voted D.  They voted for Patrick, Frank, Tsongas, Eldridge and so many others to return to office today and keep up the constant raping of our citizens financially.  This state is pathetic.  What else explains it?  Of course now, the above folks will see this as some sort of mandate.  And, of course, it’s not.  It’s just a rigged electorate without a brain.  A bunch of non-thinking sheep.  Baaah!  rr

One Response to “Teacher-Mooonbats vote D!”

  1. supportourmarines

    See my post under your “Barbie resign” entry re: my friend the teacher. I wrote what I did even before reading what you wrote here! So the teacher’s unions tried to sway elections both here in CA and in your state too. And they were successful. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Your precious pension isn’t worth having the whole place go down the toilet. You’ll be taxed into oblivion so your damned pension won’t matter in the end anyway!